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  1. 3DS Max File Version v1.0
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    This VB-compiled tool serves just to test which version of Max was used to create the saved Max file. Since 3DSMax doesn't do a good job at writing its version in the file's properties - I use this tool to find out what version it was created in so I can go back to the proper 3DSMax to edit the file.

    If you have multiple versions of Max installed and want to know what version you used on an old project - use this tool to find out.

    Additional Info:

    3DS Max version 10 = 3DSMax 2008
    3DS Max version 11 = 3DSMax 2009
    3DS Max version 12 = 3DSMax 2010
    3DS Max version 13 = 3DSMax 2011
    3DS Max version 14 = 3DSMax 2012

    Version Requirement:
    Will not correctly show versions below 2008.

    Other Software Required:


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