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    - Script: Valo race day + night (l93_vip)
    - Script: old back injury (can be customized)
    - Script: the dealer to pay more for buying a car
    (You can earn from $ 2,000 to $ 10,000)
    - Script: 21 cleaning machine at the dealer (used dealership, BONUS folder)
    - Scrpit: Stock and Mod motors are not together
    - Script: 3 times more traffic in Valo, than in the original SLRR
    - Script: machine in a new place in the garage (not in V1)
    - Script: straight wheels in the garage (not in V1)
    - Script: prestige in the beginning of the game 270
    - Script: button in the garage: SAVE
    - Script: button in the garage: MONEY (+ 100.000 $)
    - Script: button in the garage: VALOcity
    - Script: button in the garage: TESTtrack
    - Script: very little tire wear !!!
    - Script: Physics 2 (Normal + Drift: v1 + v2,
    for good drifta better set DRIFTv2)
    - Script: a new career starts at 8 am
    - Script: dealers operate from 8 to 20
    - Script: time does not change when you select a track,
    and return the track to the garage c
    - Script: cheap repair machines
    - Script: machine complete renovation
    (Max was 95%, max was 100%)
    - Script: nalezayut all tires on all wheels
    (From 5.0 inch to 15.0 inch)
    - Script: less time is spent on the installation of parts
    - Script: removed the haze on the tracks
    - Script: some new engine kits
    - Script: Airbag / Min: 2.0; Max: 20.0
    - Script: MrSirRG / CamberMAX: 15.5 / MIN: -15.5 / SpacerMAX: 1000
    - Script: FuelInjectorSystem (diesel, 95,98 ...)
    - Script: Track / Valo / Roc Car fix (F7)
    - Script: the new codes:
    1.bfm (old: begformoney)
    2.roc (old: letmeroc)
    3.promo (old: fastpromotion)
    4.cheat (old: i like cheating)5.time (old: timemachine)
    - ROC race run!
    - Valo race run!
    - Used dealerhip works!
    - New dealerhip works!
    - The purchase of complete machines
    - All cars have the engine
    - Prime DLH 500 (1000HP engine)
    - L93 vip envmaps
    - Neon lights
    - Main menu VIDEO *
    - Track selector VIDEO *
    - Some new textures
    - Changed infa about cars in the garage

    - If you eject from the game due to the 2JZ-GTE, in BONUS folder have an old version (2JZ-GTEv1),
    This is the same engine only with other textures ,
    which will not stop the game .
    -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------
    ! FIX! - For those who do not start the game because of the video.
    - Added color for the money and time
    - HQ Stock car
    - In all STOCK MOD and some engines have their own category (as in slrr_by_jack!)
    - HQ Stock car racing in the ROC
    - Slrr_editor sees all engines.
    - 2 new VIP motor (Sr20det and 2JZ-GTE)
    - Fixed: the game has stopped working after errora:
    This tire is to narrow "
    - Fixed: the game has stopped working when the dealer came at 7 am
    - Fixed: can not move parts
    - Fixed: flickering title parts in the garage
    - Fixed several small bugs
    - A lot of interesting and useful in BONUS folder

    Sections: News
    Tags: Fxd, Slrr, Racing

  3. SLRR Light Edition
    Sections: Downloads \ Street Legal Racing: Redline \ The Games
    Tags: Slrr, Fxd, Light Edition

    SLRR Light Edition

    by Michael Shinoda

    Main features:

    - based on BB93 v1.1 and includes all of its changes
    - uncompressed game weighs 256 mb, compressed 94 mb
    - the ability to use modifications from 2.3.0 LE
    - made completely new interface
    - improved overall stability of the game
    - by default the game has 3 engines and 1 car
    - the game is fully compatible with mods except MW_Mod.rpk file


    - no more crashes in the city, at dealers and on the tracks due to the bad quality mods:
    -- which means that now you walkthrough the game without losing progress
    - completely new headlights and navigator scripts:
    -- fixed crash caused by navigator
    -- fixed inability to turn on the lights at a certain time
    - improved video settings:
    -- textures and shadows resolution increased to 8192 px
    -- view distance increased to 10000 m
    -- added the ability to disable track fog
    - improved the painter mode scripts, now it working faster
    - improved the mechanic mode scripts:
    -- fixed inability to sell single part in the inventory without dragging it to the button
    -- fixed loss of controlling car by mouse when using the mechanic mode on the track
    -- fixed disappearance of parts from inventory when using the mechanic mode on the track
    -- fixed duplication of parts in the inventory
    - fixed "mad" cursor in the garage (when it was difficult to select the car part)
    - many other small fixes and improvements


    - the position of the standard osd elements adapted for 16:9 screens
    - all standard wheels were replaced by steelies and don't appear in the catalog
    - high-quality textures of asphalt and some objects in the city and on the tracks
    - shadows for traffic cars and some objects in the city
    - completely new garage
    - new battery model
    - new catalog


    - add money and save game buttons in the garage
    - parts position scripts with the possibility of changing the accuracy
    - added the ability to disable the adjustability of the hood, trunk and doors
    - extended possibilities of engine parts tuning:
    -- adjustable fuel type script
    -- adjustable engine block deck height and bore, cylinder head valve diameters and supercharger pulley diameter
    - adjustable standard suspension, shocks, springs and swaybars
    - F6 and F7 keys to the car on track repair duplicated by F10 and F11
    - the ability to enter the garage from Track Selector
    - the ability to disable police chase on the Test Track
    - the ability to disable Time Attack on the Nevada Desert
    - the ability to disable day and night races in Valo City
    - Drift Mode setting which increases tire grip
    - the ability to disable driver model from the options menu
    - working swaybars script which can be turned off from the options menu
    - the ability to customize the game interface


    - standard cars, wheels, wings and some other parts
    - Destruction Tools and the car jack


    FallVL - Frontend Textures
    Lyoncha - Navigator and Lights Scripts
    Mindeliszz - Swaybars Sripts
    MisterSir - Suspension Scripts
    Apendix - Adjustable Engine Scripts
    RAXAT - Garage Cursor Fix
    G4TNT - NOS Flames Texture
    BenyUK - Lights and Smoke Textures
    Jack_1990 - Catalog Kit Texture
    Andrey Sych - Steelies Model
    GTR-X-ITE - Edited Objects
    Vasya Ivanov - Testing, Help and Support
    Maxim Tiranov - Testing, Help and Support
    Nikita Vishnyovsky - Testing, Help and Support
    Grisha Fagradyan - Testing, Help and Support
    Markovich Lazar - Testing, Help and Support

    Download mirrors:

    - Mirror 1: yadi.sk
    - Mirror 2: yadi.sk
    - Mirror 3: mediafire.com
    - Mirror 4: mega.nz

    See also:

    - SLRR FXD Team VK page
    - SLRR Light Edition VK page

  4. SLRR Light Edition
    Sections: News
    Tags: Light Edition, Fxd, Slrr


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