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  1. Hummer H2
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    Tags: Hummer, Slrr, H2, Gm, Truck

  2. GM LS7 Engine By Defiant
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    Tags: Ls1, Ls, Gm, Ls7, Defiant, Lsx, Ls3, V8

    New and original engine for SLRR, exclusive here on GOM! This mod is not meant for upload on any other site!


    -hand made meshes by me
    -hand made RPK by me
    -forza 4 sounds
    -highly detailed models
    -correct specs and weights
    -many stock and tuning parts
    -multiple turbo kits
    -multiple supercharger kits
    -LOTS of
    paintable parts

    This engine is NOT an edit of existing crap, it's an all new engine by me.

    How to install:

    Place GM_LS.rpk and GM_LS [folder] into your SLRR\parts\engines directory.

    How to install in cars:

    Run SLRR editor, select the car you want and then hit select all and then save. You should know this by now but some people still don't!

    ** please keep in mind this engine was scripted to go with the 'real dyno & nitro' mod. So horsepower figures may not be accurate if you do not have that mod installed. **

    Version 1.1 with bug patches has been released and the link has been updated.

    Thanks to the GOM-TEAM community for the support, this is my treat to you :D
    Also thanks to Local Motors for making their original block publicly available.

    Password: GOM-TEAM


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