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  1. Nissan ER34 Skyline by Starhunters & Remco - Released!
    Sections: News \ SL Download News
    Tags: Er34, Gom Team, Nissan, Rb26Det, Remco, Rwd, Sedan, Skyline, Starhunters, Street King

    The ER34 Skyline sedan is now released in download section!
    It comes with some different bodykits and extra parts, so check it out!



    to download!

  2. 5 New Cars + New Tracks BeamNG
    Sections: News
    Tags: Beam Drive, Beamng, Crash Testing, Gom Team, Pikes Peak, Street Legal

    I'm just waiting for everyone to realize.. this is the new street legal, sooner or later.

    Link to thread: http://www.beamng.com/threads/7868-Racing-Pack-5-cars-2-maps?p=106135#post106135 (probably have to be signed in with alpha access to get it)

  3. The GTA Online San Andreas Flight School Update Now Available
    Sections: News
    Tags: Gom Team, Gta Online, Rockstar Games

    The new update for GTA Online is out (I'm little late on the news post, sorry.)

    I've tried some of the flight missions and bought the small jet myself.. I think they did really well. What do you think ?


  4. Redline_Racer creates sounds that change when upgrading cars!
    Sections: News
    Tags: Gom Team, Gom Team Slrr, Legal, Promods, Racing, Redline, Redline_Racer, Redlineracer96, Slrr, Slrr 2.2.1, Slrr 2.2.2, Slrr 2.3.1, Slrr Custom Physics, Slrr Custom Sounds, Slrr Streetsofvalo, Street, Vstanced


    Redline_Racer/RedlineRacer96 has created a way to change the sound samples used ingame based on the level of tuning your engine receives. This allows for accurate sound representation for both stock and modified engines within the game.

    The code is still in its most basic form, but both videos give an idea of how it can work. The plan is to release a game that contains these features and many more additional features in the near future.

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    VIDEO 1

    VIDEO 2


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