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  1. Drag Rim & Tire Pack
    Sections: Downloads \ Street Legal Racing: Redline \ Rims and Tires
    Tags: 15X11, 15X5, Belak, Defiant, Drag, Hoosier, Industries, Og, Pack, Rim, Slick

    New update 1.6! Many fixes and new wheel colors added.

    Belak Industries OG drag rims and Hoosier slicks by Defiant. This pack includes:

    (2) 15x11 Belak OG chrome rims
    (2) 15x11 Belak OG paintable rims
    (1) 15x5 Belak OG chrome rim
    (1) 15x5 Belak OG paintable rim
    (1) 15x11 Hoosier drag slick
    (1) 15x11 Hoosier low profile slick
    (1) 15x5 Hoosier slick
    (2) 15x11 Belak OG Black
    (1) 15x5 Belak OG Black - New in update 1.6!


    Blast for the lip
    Morpheus Hell for rim modeling tips
    Harrison15 for scripting and modeling help


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