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  1. Jidousha Shakai - GT86 Touge/Drift [NEW MAP] [MP]
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    Tags: Jidousha Shakai Gt86 Touge Drift [New Map] [Mp]

    Some of you guys helped me test this map and I'm thankful for that. It's only a test map for some touge/drifting on a mountain road. The collisions were previously very wonky and messed up but thanks to the testing we've done I figured out why and now the game won't suffer from those problems anymore (intentionally at least.) In the coming days I will release the multiplayer branch to everyone so everyone can have a chance at trying out multiplayer and further helping me test out the architecture but with a larger audience. hope everyone is ready for that! :) Also, EXTREME SUPER ULTRA LATE BRAKING TECHNIQUE.


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