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  1. kn5 converter
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    Supports all Assetto Corsa models (cars, tracks...) from Early builds to 1.1 final.

    Usage: kn5conv.exe [-fbx|-obj|-objZMhack] [input_file/folder]
    More info in the readme

    You could also drag the kn5 file on to kn5conv.exe

    - FBX supports almost all model features, except specific shader settings or textures (ex. dirt, damage).
    In case of multi-layer diffuse textures, the second (txDetail) map is used as diffuse, and the first is used as specular since it's usually a grayscale map.
    A complete list of material properties is included for reference as user-defined settings
    - OBJ does not support hierarchy, transformations or UV tiling. Therefore, these are "baked" into the model so at least it looks good.
    - OBJ ZMhack takes advantage of a bug (or feature?) in ZModeler2 that creates usable hierarchy from OBJ models
    I won't go into detail, it just works even if it's not supposed to :) Small boxes are created instead of dummies which you can convert and use to set pivot positions.

    Credit: Chipicao


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