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  1. Clean Daytime Valo City
    Sections: Downloads \ Street Legal Racing: Redline \ Miscellanious Parts
    Tags: 221, 2Mwm, City, Clean, Le, Mwm, Slrr, Slrrmwm, Valo

    Makes daytime Valo City have only traffic and police. No dummy fake racers to crash your game.

    Unlike Corradoskj's mod, this leaves some life to the city and night racing is still available. (This mod actually fixes night time traffic crash too.)

  2. F.E.R.A.T (BORAT FOR 2.3.0 CAR TO 2.2.1MWM)
    Sections: Downloads \ Street Legal Racing: Redline \ Modding Tools
    Tags: Borat, Mwm, Le, Slrr, 2.3.0

    Original tool made by Sparky.
    A modification of BORAT for engine to MWM but this time it's for car conversion. Usually conversion gave me a headache. But not now.

    Such tool is hard to find (2.3.0LE mod converted to 2.2.1MWM). Not all car is compatible or working!! Auto mode may be rubbish.

    This stuff has been tested. You may improve this stuff. If this stuff not working, try to improve and share.

    Thank You



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