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  1. M3G2FBX converter
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    Tags: M3G2Fbx, Converter

    - supports all models from RR3, NFS:MW and NFS:NL
    - All LODs with normals, UV coordinates, vertex colors, hierarchy, transformations, materials, and texture names (for reference only)

    Usage options:
    - drag&drop an m3g file to convert it
    - run the exe to convert any m3g file from the current folder
    - use the command line to specify a file: M3G2FBX.exe input_file.m3g
    - same thing with a folder or a path, only this time it will include all subfolders: M3G2FBX.exe input_folder
    - run with -u argument (M3G2FBX -u file/folder) to make unique mesh names; useful if you plan to convert to OBJ afterwards

    FBX files will always be saved in the same place as their m3g couterparts.

    SBA Brute - .sba texture converter for NFS:MW and NFS:NL
    It is by no means a "true" converter. It basically guesses the image format and number of mipmaps based in width, height and image data size. Most textures are successfully converted, except cube maps and some special sba files.

    Credit: Chipicao


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