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  1. BMW 5 series (E60)
    Sections: Downloads
    Tags: Bmw, M5, E60, Power, German Power

    Credits :
    The author modification: Stance2
    The author of 3D model: Turn 10 Studios /Forza Motorsport 4/
    The author screenshots: ZakharoFF
    Descriptions by ZakharoFF
    The modification was tested on versions 2.2.1MWM and LE2MWM

    Known bugs :
    - Car sold in stores not fully assembled
    - No animation parts of car

    Common :
    The modification includes 1 chassis:
    - BMW 5 series (E60) 2009
    High quality model
    High quality texture
    High quality interior
    Average settings of physics and lights
    There are 3 type of front grills
    - Full chrome
    - Full black
    - Paintable with black
    There are chrome and black logos:
    - Hood logo
    - Trunk logo
    - M5 logo
    There are additional black taillights
    There are own exhaust system and muffler

  2. S85B50 M5 V10 engine
    Sections: Downloads \ Street Legal Racing: Redline \ Engine Mods
    Tags: S85B50, M5, M6, V10

    Hello Everyone!

    (i know, it's a 'Stang, don't blame me for that)

    An improvement that i want to share with you for E60 M5 S85 engine.
    Engine is from vk.com/design_mode_workshop

    WHAT'S Fixed:
    • Sounds using mindelizz Shift 2 Sounds.
    • Specs, now has 10 cylinders, 5 litre displacement.
    • Mounting has been fixed to be not too low.
    • Engine kits is now not missing fuel rail and starter.

    mindeliszz for its NFS Shift 2 Sounds.
    vk.com/design_mode_workshop for original engine.
    bitelaserkhalif for fixes (mentioned above)
    Dmitri Kuznecow for author himself.

    FOR 2.2.1MWM ONLY

    Sections: Downloads \ Street Legal Racing: Redline \ Sound Mods
    Tags: Slrr, Pure, Sound, Mod, Bmw, M5, E60, V10, S85, S85B50, M3, E30, E36, E46, S54, S54B32, S42, Maclaren, F1, Gtr, V12, S70



    1) You need to have installed previously the following engines: S42 by rolts, S54B32 by Dennis, S70(comes with the McLaren F1 de Jesus Christ) and the S85B50 by Dmitri Kuznecow.
    2)Drop the folders "addon" and "parts" into your slrr main folder, and combine/replace if is neccesary.

    The S54B32 have turbo and supercharged sounds too.
    Sounds are converted from FM4 and FH2.



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