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  1. Brandino's SLRR Pack
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    Tags: Bugfree, Modpack, Slrr

    (I take no responsibility for creating any of these great mods)
    -BMW E30 M3
    -Ford/Shelby Mustang SN95
    -Nissan R34 GTR
    -Toyota Supra
    -MagnumForce Streed Rod Cars
    (Replaces all the original cars with 60's-80's muscle cars)

    -CMS Brakes
    -MrSir Running Gear
    -Multiple Rims & Tire Packs
    -NFS MW Wings

    -Devils V6
    -Devils V8
    -GM V8
    -Mazda 13B
    -Nissan RB26+DET+DETT
    -Honda K Series
    -Toyota 4AGE
    -Toyota 2JZGTE
    -Nissan VR38DETT
    (All engines are already usable in every car)


    Sidenote: I HIGHLY recommend you install this as the blowers are finicky with the MForce cars. http://streetlegalmods.com/downloads/game/tools/Realtime-adjustable-engine

    Please comment any bugs you find so I can fix and re-upload the RAR!


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