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  1. Mazda 6
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    The Mazda 6. A sedan that is pretty flashy for it's age. This mod is a Re-upload from Modzona. (or as I call it, Hellzona) and the reason why is due to Modzona trying to force you to sign up by threating you with viruses. (See the page "Downloading from modzona without virus") This mod adds the car to your game obviously, But the mod is VERY TEMPERMENTAL! It can glitch out while changing tires and may randomly crash the game. The car itself has no custom wheels, And uses basegame rims. It also has a silly police siren and window stickers when first bought (See below) The car has no custom parts other than the window stickers and police siren.

    The car when you first buy it:

    As you can see, It needs some work.

    but with patience and a smooth game, You can make it look normal!

    if your car does this while changing the tires, Go to the maps menu and come back before doing anything else so the car will reload.

    As always, Enjoy!
    Proposhka-- Mod author
    Fireful0-- for teaching us how to download without a virus. :)
    Burn Rubber-- for uploading it. :D


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