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  1. SLRR NFS Edition v1.0
    Sections: Downloads \ Street Legal Racing: Redline \ The Full Game
    Tags: Car, Nfs

    So hi guys this is my first mod pack and i have spent 2 and a half days testing installing uninstalling mods to get the most stable experience in SLRR since this is v1.0 there isnt really that much cars about 30 or 25 cars (Some cars may come without wheels so you'r going to need to add wheels yourself this mod pack was installed over SLRR_STAGE 1 So credit to Diego the baws


    ARS engine by the ARS Team (submitted by maryus_x90)
    B16B DOHC VTECT Author TimEK9 Submitted by dicio_cross
    BB93 General Motors LS3 By Big Boss93
    BB93 Subaru EJ20/25 By Big Boss93
    BMW S54engine by 900xREDLINE
    CA18DET Nissan 200sx/180sx/240sx Engine Author SVANDER, Drexxer Submitted by NewBarni
    Devils V6 and V8 Engines Author Mihon Submitted by Harrison15
    Dodge Viper SRT-10 By Mihon submitted by nhbdjkmnf
    Ford CHT Author Racemaster Crew submitted by Jesus Christ
    Honda B18 Motor by Blast
    Honda Series K Engine by Blast
    M54B30 Turbo by TimEK9 submitted by solidsparco
    Mazda 13B Rotary Author: MisterSir and Harrison15 Submitted by: mindeliszz
    Nissan SR20DET Author Toretto Submitted by Xeon
    Nissan RB26 Author Oxman99/Timek9 Submitted by mindeliszz
    Nissan VR38DETT by Blast
    Toyota 2JZ-GTE Author Street[xx], BossF Submitted by: mindeliszz
    Toyota 4A-GE Author TimEK9 Submitted by JoeAlex
    Toyota JZGTE Author _Dave Submitted by JoeAlex
    VW VR6 Author Dennis (SMZ) Submitted by David_2709


    BMW E39 M5 Author Jesus Christ/Grudas Submitted by Jesus Christ
    BMW M3 E46 Author Roli submitted by mads174
    Honda Civic_ej2 Author Thyago95
    Commodore_VE by Harrison15 and Bigg Boss93
    VW Golf R Author Forza 4/Turn10 Submitted by dm0
    Honda NSX Author Kornis Vengris/ NRT / Submitted by Jesus Christ
    KPGC110 Author Svander and Bigg Boss93
    Mitsubishi GSX Eclipse Author Robban_9000
    Nissan Silvia S14 Author Anatoly Ponomarev Submitted by Lonewanderer
    Toyota Supra MKIV Author Skylines Submitted by Jesus Christ
    Nissan Skyline GT-R34 Author Skylines Submitted by Jesus Christ

    BB93's Rimpack
    BB93's 3d Tyres 1 and 2
    BMW E46 Rim pack
    Difinitive 15" 14" tyre pack
    HQ Rims 1-5
    VStanced Plates

    - MWM Beta Complete
    - rolts position scripts (not for everything, just some parts)
    - a nice HUD (tbh, the best I've ever seen, sleek and elegant)
    - some cool reflections (by Franco)
    - HD Sky (from Albert I think, AWESOME Mod, I love it... everyone should have it.)
    - evo_rgear (some old school mod that basically is a set of nice arms with nice camber)
    - rally_suspension (the nice suspension from rolts with adjustable springs and shocks
    - paintable brakes (from Franco... very clever mod)
    - Daywhite's classic V6 and V10 engines
    - The good old and brutal LamaPerformance V12 :)
    - All DSpeed Factory marvelous bits (lots of headcovers, recaros, steering wheels, bla bla bla you know :) )
    - Painter mod with lots of cool colors
    - New ROC racers, made purelly with stock SLRR stuff, so ROC is usable :)
    - A mix of textures from Meksis BenyUK and Kenq3
    - A nice catalog texture pack by Grudas
    - BB93's HD Icons pack
    - Comes with MWM Resolution changer and SLRR Editor
    - Nice main menu by SLRR M0ding Main menu texture made by me (The underground logo etc..)
    - Loading Screens and Opening pic Made by me
    - Clean Valo City Removes daytime racers and fixes the night races and some optimizations overall
    - AC Showroom garage Nice open space Red club and Blue Club have default garages
    - Optimized to have a Realistic carrer
    - No stock cars in Vehicle Catalog section
    - Awesome soundtrack Contains tracks from NFS Carbon NFS UG 1 & 2, Mostly Underground 2 songs
    - BB93 Rims and tyres 1&2

    All the maps in this pack

    - Nordschleife 2
    - Tsukuba Circuit
    - The Top Gear Test Track
    - Shutokou Expressway C1
    - Interlagos
    - Liberty Town

    Links on left side

    Please PM or chat in comments of any Broken links or bugs thank you

    Dont want your mod in this pack? or have i missed a mod? PM me and ill include it :)

    File Size is 3gb

  2. Outback Drag [NFSPS]
    Sections: Downloads \ Street Legal Racing: Redline \ Tracks and Maps
    Tags: Outback, Drag, Nfs



    Lost the other screenshots by :/


    Original 3D: Who ever made NFS:PS

    RIP/Convert to SLRR: Sterling

  3. 'Need for Speed Payback Trailer'
    Sections: News
    Tags: Nfs

  4. NFS Character Images
    Sections: Downloads \ Street Legal Racing: Redline \ Textures and ENV
    Tags: Nfs, Character, Images

    Replaces character images [0 - 29[
    Use FH3 Character Images to replace [30 - 43[

  5. Lookout Point [NFS]
    Sections: Downloads \ Street Legal Racing: Redline \ Tracks and Maps
    Tags: Lookout Point, Nfs, Tracks

    public alpha v002

    Very early version, I would recommend waiting to A much better updated version is released.

    Things to do before final release:

    Correct Trees []
    Add AI []
    Add AI/race options []
    Add Lights []
    Add shadows []


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