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  1. Oxman99's OHV Engine Java Pack
    Sections: Downloads \ Street Legal Racing: Redline \ Modding Tools
    Tags: Java, Ohv, Oxman99, V8

    Oxman99 OHV V8 Java Kit

    Intro - These java's can be used a template to create OHV V8 engines in SLRR. SLRR never originally came with OHV Engines, but are coded to support them,
    though no public java's have been available.

    How to use:

    Each java is a sample of an OHV part.
    Replace any "XXX" with desired input.

    Extra Non-Functioning parts:
    Example: Alternator, starter, timing cover, valve cover, accessories drive belt etc.

    There are two ways to code these, either as an "Engine Part" or an "Exhaust Pipe."
    Both react the same ingame, and do not add any performance.
    "Exhaust Pipe" may be more desirable, because if you already have an adjustable exhaust pipe script, you will be able to move these parts aswell.

    Important Notes:

    Slot ID's MUST MATCH between the java and the cfg file for the part. If they do not errors may occur.

    Turbocharger & Supercharger scripts are not included, as they are not unique to the type of motor. Any sample from SLRR 2.2.1 java's should work.

    Link generated 2/3/18

  2. OHV Inline block code
    Sections: Downloads \ Street Legal Racing: Redline \ The Full Game
    Tags: Ohv, Inline Block, Block, Over Head Valves

    Some time ago someone asked for a OHV inline block and discovered that SLRR doesn't support it. Well, that WAS true until now. There were two things to do to make this possible:

    • Create the block_inline_OHV class
    • Modify the OHV_cylinderHead class

    Yes... It's true that there are no OHV inline engines modded... But not for long... I'm working in a "ford inline-six pack" that will be available soon.

    Ok, now this is what you have to do: place the block_inline_ohv.java file in parts\scripts\enginepart\block\block_inline\src and OHV_cylinderHead.java file in parts\scripts\enginepart\slidingenginepart\reciprocatingenginepart\cylinderhead\src and that's it... You will find comments into the files explaining what has been modified.

    This was tested in 2.2.1 MWM, I don't know if it works on 2.3.0...


  3. Ford Inline Six Pack ALPHA RELEASE
    Sections: Downloads \ Street Legal Racing: Redline \ Engine Mods
    Tags: Ford, Engine, Inline Six, Ohv, Ohv Inline Block

    Here goes an ALPHA release of my Ford inline-six engine pack. Theese engines are OHV inline blocks, so you will need to check this post: http://streetlegalmods.com/downloads/game/the-games/Pablo

    Once you followed the steps explained there, you are able to use this mod!

    What's included:

    • Ford 188 cubic inch engine
    • Ford 221 cubic inch engine
    • Some custom parts for tunning

    They are argentinian models used in the Ford Falcon, Ford Fairlane and F-100 truck for almost 40 years.I'll be adding de 170, 240 and 300 cu. in. blocks soon.

    Please, note that this is for testing purposes only. When the mod is finished, I'll include all the java, .max and texture files. By the way, this is my first mod so surely the shapes and textures won't be the best!



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