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  1. OPEL CORSA A (beta)
    Sections: Downloads \ Street Legal Racing: Redline \ Car Mods
    Tags: 1.2, 1987, Car, Corsa, Diesel, Disel, Gas, Hackback, Hot, Opel, Top Gear

    Opel Corsa A (aka vauxhall nova)

    mesh by ccp
    scripts by ccp

    - some tuning ect

    -for 2.21mwm (other versions not tested)
    -come stock ansambled
    -it use DS rims
    -it come which g4tnt's osd (texture modified by me )


    -no textures
    -not maped corectly so paint will look weird

    its a beta so its not perfect but its playable

    Dont upload any where else(well modzona "friends" will upload anyway so i hope to give credit)

    Sections: News
    Tags: Ccp, Corsa, Opel

    Link to the car is right here
    On download section

  3. Opel Manta
    Sections: Downloads \ Street Legal Racing: Redline \ Car Mods
    Tags: Classic, Manta, Opel

    Modification tested on versions 2.2.1MWM and LE2MWM
    Pretty rare car for SLRR and in general

  4. Opel Calibra
    Sections: Downloads \ Street Legal Racing: Redline \ Car Mods
    Tags: Opel, Re Upload

    So the Opel Calibra is one of my favorite cars, But GOM-Team didn't have one! But, Thanks to Fireful0, I am re-uploading one from kietekas.com. When you try to move the files, it will ask for a password. Enter kietekas.com. The default car has only an engine block, So you will have to remove it and buy a new engine. The other two versions don't have that issue. Here are the cars:




    Enjoy! :)

    kietekas.com original download.
    Fireful0 for linking the download. Thank you! :)

  5. Opel Manta 400
    Sections: Downloads \ Street Legal Racing: Redline \ Car Mods
    Tags: Opel, Manta, Manta 400, Manta B

    Opel Manta 400

    Some historic facts about the car:
    In 1979, Opel collaborated with German tuner Irmscher and Cosworth in UK to create the Opel Manta 400.
    Irmscher designed the exterior and interior of the Manta 400. Cosworth built a 2.4-litre engine that was
    mounted with the 16-valve head to provide massive output, and the opportunity to make several tune-ups
    for the rally drivers.

    Author of 3D model: Codemasters (DiRT 3)
    Conversion for SLRR: Michael Shinoda
    Release picture: Vasya Ivanov
    Special thanks: Vasya Ivanov, Mike Hexor and Maxim Tiranov

    Features of the mod:
    -Custom scripts
    -Custom lights
    -Custom physics
    -Completely new *.rpk file
    -No crashes in SLRR races
    -4 types of wheels
    and more...

    All DiRT 3 liveries can be found in ..\Opel_Manta_400_data\textures\liveries folder.

    If you have suggestions or have found a bug you can leave a comment about it on SLRR_FXD Team VK page.

    Have fun!


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