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  1. Muscle Rim Pack
    Sections: Downloads \ Street Legal Racing: Redline \ Rims and Tires
    Tags: 15 Inch, Cragar, Fireful0, Mickey Thompson, Mod, Mt, Muscle, Operationstation, Rims, Workshop

    Converted from Forza 3 by Fireful0.
    Only for OperationStation.com and GOM-TEAM!
    Special thanks to my beta testers. (Burn Rubber, Zeprarex, and Racedriver43)
    Enjoy using them!

    Known bug:
    The Camaro rims will appear huge in the catalog.
    It's not a huge deal, as it does not inhibit the use of the rims.

  2. Chrysler V8 Pack V4.0 REBOOT (BETA)
    Sections: Downloads \ Street Legal Racing: Redline \ Engines
    Tags: Engine, V8, Mopar, Muscle, 440, 426, Hemi, Ramcharger, Fireful0, Mod, Workshop, Operationstation, 318, 340, 360, 361, 383, Mf_Team, Magnum, Force, Team, Mf_Fled, Fled


    Thanks for viewing the Chrysler V8 Pack V4.0 REBOOT (BETA) by me, Fireful0!

    In case you are wondering, this will replace the original Chrysler V8 Pack files in /yourslrrdirectory/parts/engines
    Don't worry, though. All of the old parts by MF_TEAM are still there.

    This pack adds new parts to one of the best engine packs for SLRR,
    and also allows carburetors and transmissions to be tunable!
    Don't expect everything to be perfect, as it is still in beta.

    Thanks to the following people for making this pack possible:
    MF_FLED (for javas and 3d)
    Defiant (for some help and 3d)
    Locomanusa (for awesome pictures)
    CuPcaKe_Drifting (for some great 3d that was never included)
    Burn Rubber (Alpha tester)
    Racedriver43 (Alpha tester)
    Zeprarex (Alpha tester)
    cameronseren (Alpha tester)

    Version history:
    V4.0 = Main Release
    V4.1 = Fix issue with carburetor location on dual quad intake
    V4.2 = Fixed crashing problem with people using 2.2.1LE2MWM (Special thanks to Colorage79 for sending me his game version to fix this problem!)

  3. Operation Station Gas Station Textures
    Sections: Downloads \ Street Legal Racing: Redline \ Textures
    Tags: Valo, City, Texture, Fireful0, Operationstation, Roleplay

    Just a texture edit for the gas station nearest Green Slip in Valo City.
    Thanks to Burn Rubber for a texture! :)
    This was made mainly for GOM's RP thread.

    Now, your first question might be, "How do I get to Operation Station?"
    Well, open the spoiler to find out! :)


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