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  1. Mega I4 and I6 Paintable headcovers and extra
    Sections: Downloads \ Street Legal Racing: Redline \ Engine Mods
    Tags: I6, Mega I4, Paintable

    Modifications by durex4o (don't laugh, all other names were taken)
    This is a mod for Street Legal Racing Redline 2.3.0le
    and contains a moded version of NIX&Mihon's Mega i4
    and stock i6 engines. The mod makes a big part of the
    parts a bit more compatable(turbo pipes),
    makes most headcovers,camshafts
    paintable and a working SOHC engine
    (its an i4 and i give java files).There is a working BOV scripts for the i4.
    Its my first "mod" and upload so don't hate....much.

    Link to original: Mega i4

    Bonus from me: if you are trying to open a kietekas mod
    with a password , try kietekas.com as one.

    You can also open .ptx files with XNView for windows but
    can't save as one.

  2. 300ZX Rims
    Sections: Downloads \ Street Legal Racing: Redline \ Rims and Tires
    Tags: 300Z, 300Zx, Black, Fireful0, Garage, Mod, Paintable, Rim, Silver

    Ripped from FM3.

    It comes in black and silver.
    The silver version was requested by Burn Rubber.
    The paintable version was requested by Defiant.
    It comes ONLY in 16" rims.
    It will keep your rim offset if you click the repair all button.

    Enjoy it!



    Thanks to Burn Rubber for this image:



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