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  1. Hokkaido Speed Park
    Sections: Downloads \ Street Legal Racing: Redline \ Tracks and Maps
    Tags: Drift, Hokkaido, Japan, Park, Speed

    Hokkaido Speed Park

    This is a early released version [v0.1]

    Real Life Aerial View

    In Game Screenshot.

    Max View.

    In Game Screenshot.

    Max Aerial View.

    Things to do before final release:

    #1 Add more objects.
    #2 Retexture with HQ textures.
    #3 Add drift pointer counter/Lap timer & Lap count ect.
    #4 Add AI.
    #5 Add Trees & other plants
    #6 Fix fence texture & Add more fences.
    #7 Much more.

    Please feel free to leave me constructive criticism.

    If you take any screenshots or video's it would be great to see them & use them here so PM me links please.

    If you feel like you would be able to improve this track & would like to work with me on it then PM also if you would like some help with track building then get in touch.



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