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  1. Forza Motorsport 6 Apex Announced
    Sections: News
    Tags: 10, 6, Forza, Pc, Windows

  2. The Last Free Game On UPlay!! Assassin's Creed III
    Sections: News
    Tags: Uplay, Assassins Creed Iii, Pc, Free Game


    The last free game is Assassin's Creed III! Go and get it by clicking on tha pic :D


  3. Make Xinput-based Controllers work in SLRR (Windows 10)
    Sections: Tutorials \ Street Legal Modding Tutorials
    Tags: Xbox One Controller, Xinput, Slrr, Pc

    With this DLL, you'll be able to play SLRR with your XInput-based Controllers (Xbox One controller for instance). I tried it out myself and it seems to work flawlessly.

    1. Download the DLL, if you have a browser it will say that it's a virus. Don't believe this, and go on with the next step.
    2. Place it in your SLRR folder. It should be EZ for the multi-tasker.
    3. Done! It should work in a hurry.


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