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  1. Move, b****! horn
    Sections: Downloads \ Street Legal Racing: Redline \ Sounds
    Tags: Bitch, Funny, Horn, Legal, Move, Racing, Redline, Slrr, Street

    This is not a serious horn, it's just for fun. You can use it, you don't have to use it.

  2. SLRR Racing Catalog Textures w/ Installer
    Sections: Downloads \ Street Legal Racing: Redline \ Textures
    Tags: Catalog, Honeycomb, Professional, Racing, Texture, Time, Tune, Tuner, Unique

    The last Texture pack i released had lots of ( o Y o )

    which some people dont mind, however i found this to be alittle
    more appropriate for SLRR.

    Its an entirely Custom set of textures ive made.

  3. Redline_Racer creates sounds that change when upgrading cars!
    Sections: News
    Tags: Gom Team, Gom Team Slrr, Legal, Promods, Racing, Redline, Redline_Racer, Redlineracer96, Slrr, Slrr 2.2.1, Slrr 2.2.2, Slrr 2.3.1, Slrr Custom Physics, Slrr Custom Sounds, Slrr Streetsofvalo, Street, Vstanced


    Redline_Racer/RedlineRacer96 has created a way to change the sound samples used ingame based on the level of tuning your engine receives. This allows for accurate sound representation for both stock and modified engines within the game.

    The code is still in its most basic form, but both videos give an idea of how it can work. The plan is to release a game that contains these features and many more additional features in the near future.

    share this guys
    VIDEO 1

    VIDEO 2

  4. Simpson Drag Parachute by Defiant
    Sections: Downloads \ Street Legal Racing: Redline \ Bodyparts
    Tags: Drag, Parachute, Racing, Simpson

    The best drag racing parachute in SLRR :D

    -deploys when braking
    -includes extra fabric textures

    note: it does not actually slow down your 200mph+ quarter mile pass

    more pics:

  5. New YouTube Channel!
    Sections: News
    Tags: Cyanide, Racing, Youtube

    Hey guys, I'm bringing out a new channel been thinking about doing it for so long, and well, here I am doing it! If you want to, subscribe and I hope you enjoy my enjoyment! :) Any requests such as games, challenges etc, I'll be sure to try and fulfill them to my best, just comment on the videos so I can keep up to date on them. :)

    Intro and outro will be coming as well and if anyone has experience in that stuff, feel free to PM me and help me out! :)

    Cheers everyone and enjoy this video! :)


    Sections: Downloads \ Street Legal Racing: Redline \ The Games
    Tags: Racing, Fxd, Slrr

    - Script: Valo race day + night (l93_vip)
    - Script: old back injury (can be customized)
    - Script: the dealer to pay more for buying a car
    (You can earn from $ 2,000 to $ 10,000)
    - Script: 21 cleaning machine at the dealer (used dealership, BONUS folder)
    - Scrpit: Stock and Mod motors are not together
    - Script: 3 times more traffic in Valo, than in the original SLRR
    - Script: machine in a new place in the garage (not in V1)
    - Script: straight wheels in the garage (not in V1)
    - Script: prestige in the beginning of the game 270
    - Script: button in the garage: SAVE
    - Script: button in the garage: MONEY (+ 100.000 $)
    - Script: button in the garage: VALOcity
    - Script: button in the garage: TESTtrack
    - Script: very little tire wear !!!
    - Script: Physics 2 (Normal + Drift: v1 + v2,
    for good drifta better set DRIFTv2)
    - Script: a new career starts at 8 am
    - Script: dealers operate from 8 to 20
    - Script: time does not change when you select a track,
    and return the track to the garage c
    - Script: cheap repair machines
    - Script: machine complete renovation
    (Max was 95%, max was 100%)
    - Script: nalezayut all tires on all wheels
    (From 5.0 inch to 15.0 inch)
    - Script: less time is spent on the installation of parts
    - Script: removed the haze on the tracks
    - Script: some new engine kits
    - Script: Airbag / Min: 2.0; Max: 20.0
    - Script: MrSirRG / CamberMAX: 15.5 / MIN: -15.5 / SpacerMAX: 1000
    - Script: FuelInjectorSystem (diesel, 95,98 ...)
    - Script: Track / Valo / Roc Car fix (F7)
    - Script: the new codes:
    1.bfm (old: begformoney)
    2.roc (old: letmeroc)
    3.promo (old: fastpromotion)
    4.cheat (old: i like cheating)5.time (old: timemachine)
    - ROC race run!
    - Valo race run!
    - Used dealerhip works!
    - New dealerhip works!
    - The purchase of complete machines
    - All cars have the engine
    - Prime DLH 500 (1000HP engine)
    - L93 vip envmaps
    - Neon lights
    - Main menu VIDEO *
    - Track selector VIDEO *
    - Some new textures
    - Changed infa about cars in the garage

    - If you eject from the game due to the 2JZ-GTE, in BONUS folder have an old version (2JZ-GTEv1),
    This is the same engine only with other textures ,
    which will not stop the game .
    -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------
    ! FIX! - For those who do not start the game because of the video.
    - Added color for the money and time
    - HQ Stock car
    - In all STOCK MOD and some engines have their own category (as in slrr_by_jack!)
    - HQ Stock car racing in the ROC
    - Slrr_editor sees all engines.
    - 2 new VIP motor (Sr20det and 2JZ-GTE)
    - Fixed: the game has stopped working after errora:
    This tire is to narrow "
    - Fixed: the game has stopped working when the dealer came at 7 am
    - Fixed: can not move parts
    - Fixed: flickering title parts in the garage
    - Fixed several small bugs
    - A lot of interesting and useful in BONUS folder

    Sections: News
    Tags: Fxd, Slrr, Racing

  8. Weld Racing Street And Strip Pack
    Sections: Downloads \ Street Legal Racing: Redline \ Rims and Tires
    Tags: Weld, Racing, Defiant, Drag, Street, Strip

    Weld Racing Street And Strip Wheel Pack

    This pack includes:

    Weld Racing S71B 15x11
    Weld Racing S71B 15x13
    Weld Racing S71B 15x5
    Weld Racing S71 15x10
    Weld Racing S71 18x10
    Weld Racing S71 18x10 Deep Dish
    Weld Racing S77 18x10
    Weld Racing S77 15x10
    Weld Racing Delta-1 15x13
    Weld Racing Delta-1 15x15
    (2) Weld Racing Draglite 15x11
    (2) Weld Racing Draglite 15x5
    (2) Weld Racing Magnum 2 15x11
    (2) Weld Racing Magnum 2 15x13
    Weld Racing Magnum 2 15x5

    As well as over 15 tires ranging from legal grooved radials to big drag slicks

    Credits to blast for S71 spokes and for some screenshots

  9. Stroud Drag Racing Parachute Pack
    Sections: Downloads \ Street Legal Racing: Redline \ Bodyparts
    Tags: Pack, Racing, Drag, Chute, Parachute, Stroud, Defiant

    New mod for drag racing fans. Fully working (opening/closing) dragster parachute for SLRR. Comes with the option of single or dual parachutes and optional multi-colored cable release tags.

  10. Drag Rim Pack 4
    Sections: Downloads \ Street Legal Racing: Redline \ Rims and Tires
    Tags: Drag, Rim, Pack, Bogart, Racing, Wheels, Centerline, Championship, Mickey, Thompson, Lenso, Vpd, Billet, Specialties, Weld, Prostar

    Champion Wheels Speed Series 15x11 (5)
    Champion Wheels Speed Series 15x13 (5)
    Champion Wheels Speed Series 15x5 (5)
    Centerline Auto Drag 15x11 (2)
    Centerline Auto Drag 15x5 (2)
    Weld Racing Prostar 15x11 (1)
    Weld Racing Prostar 15x13 (1)
    Weld Racing Prostar 15x5 (1)
    Bogart RR10 15x11 (2)
    Bogart RR10 15x13 (2)
    Bogart RR10 15x5 (2)
    Bogart RR10 17x10 (2)
    Bogart RR10 18x10 (2)
    Billet Specialties Comp 5 15x11 (1)
    Billet Specialties Comp 5 15x13 (1)
    Billet Specialties Comp 5 15x5 (1)
    Mickey Thompson Pro-5 15x11 (1)
    Mickey Thompson Pro-5 1513 (1)
    Mickey Thompson Pro-5 15x5 (1)
    Ultra-Carbon Wheels 15x11 (1)
    Ultra-Carbon Wheels 15x13 (1)
    Lenso VPD 15x10 (2)
    Lenso VPD 15x5 (1)
    Lenso VPD 18x10 (1)
    Detachable beadlocks (4)




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