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    1) Always provide a picture of what you have uploaded.


    Tip: Under video options, set the resolution to 1024x768 and all settings to maximum to get the best quality screenshots. This gives people a better idea of what they will be downloading. Also try your best to take the screenshot from a good angle.

    2) The description of the mod is very important. Try to be as descriptive as possible and always include what the mod is and what it does. Please include any known bugs or conflicts. Again, detail is key.

    3) Be sure to always include the name of the original author, whether or not it's you. Always make sure you have permission from the original author prior to submitting a mod.

    4) As we have had problems with missing download links, please, double check everything.

    5) Do not upload to a file hosting site that requires the user to log in or create an account. Unsafe file hosting links will be removed.


    Tip: Provide alternative download links in case the main link fails. Some users are not able to access certain websites due to their region.

    List of approved sites:



    Deposit Files


    Game Front

    GOMs server-based file hosting is back online. To upload to your personal file space, go to: http://www.streetlegalmods.com/pfs


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