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  1. Re-Volt Clockwork Rainbow pack!
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    Tags: Revolt, Repaint, Reskin, Other

    Re-Volt time! I have made a mod that adds in various re-colors of the Clockwork Wun. See here!

    Another image I made. I don't know why I made it so dark and mysterious... Someone should brighten it up a bit for me. :))

    ***THIS IS STILL BETA!!!***

    Another thing, The folders are a mess. I left all sorts of useless stuff in them. But they are things I kept for refferences. So you may delete them. Who knows what's in there. :))

    I still have to do these things before it is out of beta:

    -Make each car have it's own carbox.
    -Make more colors.
    -Alter the AI. (maybe)

    -The cars are VERY slow. This is their original AI. As in the regular game they were meant for decoration.
    -They flip VERY EASILY. Be ready to press your flip over button!
    -They will show up slightly transparent unless you change your mipmap setting to "none". YOU MUST DO THIS FOR THE MOD TO LOOK RIGHT! AND THE SETTING RESETS AFTER THE GAME CLOSES. YOU MUST DO IT EVERY TIME YOU OPEN THE GAME. I am trying to find a way to stop this from happening.

    -You CANNOT NOT re-upload anywhere. I will be the only person to upload this to other sites.
    -You CAN use my parameters file. Seeing how it is just an edited version of the original.
    -You CANNOT claim this as your own work.
    -You CAN use this on YouTube videos, But you must link this download page in your video description and credit me for the mod. (Ex; Clockwork Mod by Burn Rubber. [page link])


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