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  1. rFactor To SLRR Map Conversion Tutorial
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    rFactor Map Conversion Tutorial
    [Part #1] - What software is needed to follow this tutorial
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    [Part #3] -
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    [Part #1] - What software is needed to follow this tutorial
    - Bobs Track Builder -
    Bobs Track Builder can be bought from http://www.bobstrackbuilder.net - This software is only needed if you are creating rFactor tracks from scratch.
    Bobs Track Builder can be used for making tracks for other games as well.
    - 3dSimEd -
    3dSimEd Can be bought from http://www.sim-garage.co.uk you could for this tutorial use it until the trial time finishes.
    3dSimEd is used to convert rFactor tracks to a file type [.3ds] that is readable by 3DS Max.
    3dSimEd can be used to edit,make & convert files from & for many different games.
    Here is also a link for the version I use as a newer version may create too new a .3ds file for 3DS Max: http://www.mediafire.com/download/hqdumq72uw45qv0/3dSimEd.zip
    - 3DS Max -
    3DS Max 5 is used for converting, scaling, re-texturing, editing, exporting to Street legal racing: redline file format & many other things.
    It could be possible to use newer versions but my self I use this version as it limits problems with export scripts ect also I have low computer specs at the moment of writing this tutorial and a newer version will likely be to heavy for my pc to cope with.
    I use max 09 now.
    - Track Wizard 2.0 By MIRAN -
    Track Wizard is used to basically do all the complicated and difficult parts of turning you exported models into a fully working track mod for street legal racing:redline.
    It creates the necessary file folders, .java files, .rpk's & much more with little knowledge needed.
    Without this tool made by MIRAN I would have never been able to make a working track mod.
    Here is a link to Track Wizard 2.0 By MIRAN: https://www.mediafire.com/?l170ycv2wq2s18v
    - x2y The Easy Image Converter -
    I use x2y to convert images from .DDS to to .PNG for the simple reason of being able to edit and and view textures much easier, However this creates a problem of having to re-assign textures to the track models.
    By re-assigning textures in 3ds it is possible to limit the ammount of texture files included in the finished track mod that are un-needed, this will limit the overall size of the files you will need to upload & share resaulting in save bandwidth and download time.
    x2y can be used for converting many image file types, It can be downloaded from here: http://x2y.sourceforge.net
    This tutorial is going to be on going so check back every so often for updates.
    This tutorial was last updated on 15/11/2015
    Credits: Sterling


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