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  1. How To Use Ninja Ripper
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    This article describes how to "rip" models and textures of the games using as an API directx 8, 9, 11 versions, and import ripped models/textures into 3ds max.

    Note: The article is designed for users familiar with working in 3ds Max and does not cover detail things such as, for example, texturing objects, setting up materials, etc.

    For the conversion process, we need the following tools:

    3ds Max (i'm using 2009) should work on versions: 2009-2016
    Ninja Ripper v1.1.0 (ripper) Author: blackninja [page]
    ninja_importer v1.3 (3ds max import script) Author: blackninja [download]
    1. Ripper setting. Unpack the archive to any folder. Run the program.

    Ripper Features

    Ripper Function Description

    Select the game you want to "rip". In the Ripper window click the button '...' to select .exe of the game.

    Note: You can add game's .exe by drag-and-drop from explorer window to the ripper window

    Choose the mode in which will produce ripring process of the games. Mode depends on which directx game is running. Modes description:

    • No Wrapper - mode in which the ripper will try to run .exe of the application/game directly, using for ripping only intruder.dll, if this mode does not work (do not rip) then you need to select one of the wrapper modes!

    • wrapper modes - a modes in which ripper will copy d3dX.dll in to a folder containing the executable file of the application/game, after this ripper windows can be closed, then you can start the game from any location, copied d3dX.dll will automatically clinging into the game. Thus no longer need to run the ripper himself for this game.

    • D3D8 Wrapper - for directx8 games only
    • D3D9 Wrapper - for directx9 games only
    • D3D11 Wrapper - for directx11 games only

    Note: you need to delete .dll from the game folder manually (if necessary), ripper configurations is stored in the registry from now on! (the old version of ripper's settings are stored in the folder with the ripper)

    Start the game by pressing the Run button:

    2. Game rip process. After starting the game and choose the desired location click on the "rip" button, the default key is F10. After pressing F10 game will "freeze" for a second, then will run a little and then "freeze" again for about 5-25 seconds. Duration of ripping process depends on "quality" of the game and the computer capacity. During the ripping process in the game folder (where game .exe is located) will be created folder with models (.rip format) and textures (.dds format).

    Pressing the rip textures button (default F9) will rip only the textures that will be stored in the same folder with the game's .exe.
    You will know when ripping is finished by the continue of the game.
    It should also be borne in mind that in some games, ripping process "hangs" the whole game, ie after ripping and "hangs out" of the game, you can continue from the same point at which the game "freezes". However, there are some games that continue running even during ripping and after the process is finished, you can run into SUV, and your rivals will be far ahead.

    3. Importing models into 3ds max. Open 3ds max. Menu MAXScript > Run Script... choose a script ninja_importer.ms, window opens:

    importer function description

    To import a model click Browse button:

    Choose .rip the file and click Open button. Model will load into 3ds max. If you do not like the result, change the Vertex Layout import mode from Auto to Manual, an additional options will be available:

    Will attach an image for a visual understanding of what kind of numbers and what they are accountable (color/area in the image below correspond to the colors in the image above):

    This picture shows the data template of the .rip file. From the template follows: green zone (model), blue zone (normal), orange zone (uv, texture coordinates), details:

    vertex data (the model) is based on the first three values ??(00=x, 01=y, 02=z), also the numbers correspond to what is in the importer, thus 00=0=x, 01=1=y, 02=2=z. These values ??can be changed in the importer to accept any numbers, but in 99.99% of the games these values ??remain unchanged, and it is better not to touch them at all
    normal data (for smoothing groups models corresponding to the 03, 04, 05) - in the current version is not complete, changing the values not yield results
    uv, texture coordinates - represented by two numbers (06, 07, or 07, 08 or 24, 25), not three as in the case of vertices or normals - in 80% of the games are the same, but there are games (eg: Battlefield : Bad Company 2 or NFS: Run) where you need to change these values to get proper uv??, and sometimes even go in the values of "normal zone" (ie, they can be 03, 04), but they are never go into "verte zone". These values ??need to change simple by search the numbers. In the picture below - an example.

    Thus selecting the model by setting the import (uv, scale, rotation, etc.) then press the IMPORT button. The model will load into 3ds max.

    You can also import models massively. To do this, instead of Single in Source Select choose Group and write the numbers corresponding to the .rip file's name this way: 15,489,0, 50-85 into RIP File Nums

    After setting up import process press IMPORT button, all files that match the written numbers will be imported into 3ds max.

    Note: If files imoported into 3ds max (models/textures) will be to many than 3ds max will crash. So choose and import exactly what ever you wanna work with by looking in textures.

    4. About textures. Textures are always .dds files. They are automatically loaded into 3ds max. It should be noted that each model corresponds several textures, for example a model Mesh_0000.rip, it can have multiple textures with names Tex_0000_1.dds, Tex_0000_2.dds, Tex_0000_3.dds etc. But you can only load one of these textures in 3ds max. What is the texture will be loaded is selecting in the importer by changing number in Tex.Num function.

    Note: If you use a programs for generating "preview" for .dds files in Windows explorer (I use Mystic Thumbs) then when ripping dx11 games the mini-preview for such .dds will not be shown, because they have wrong file header, the problem is not solved yet. However you can edit/view those dx11 .dds files in photoshop/irfanview/etc.

    5. Results - NFS: Run:

    Original Written By TOSYK


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