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  1. RS Watanabe 14" + Tires
    Sections: Downloads \ Street Legal Racing: Redline \ Rims and Tires
    Tags: Rs Watanabe, Gorgoil, Old School Jdm

    RS Watanabe 14" pack + tire

    RS Watanabe pack and tires
    this pack contain:
    3 sizes: 14x7, 14x9 and 14x11.5
    4 colors: Black, Bronze, Dark Grey and Grey
    4 tires: 165/45R14 & 170/40R14 street tires and 205/40R14 & 245/35R14 slicks tires(not drag slicks)
    2 center caps: a metal cap and RS cap(can be found in running gear others)

    LossTunes for rim 3d
    Surge for RS Watanabe R center cap
    Adnan for Slick tires 3d
    Feliceti & Gorgoil Slick Texture

    This mod is only for GOM-TEAM and VStanced!

  2. RS Watanabe 14inch pack is out!!
    Sections: News
    Tags: Rs Watanabe


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