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  1. Ruf CTR3
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    Tags: Ruf, Ctr3

    Hello guys.This is my Ruf CTR3 mod.Well I have to say that the car I got it from this map :http://streetlegalmods.com/downloads/game/tracks/Monte-Carlo
    I re-scripted it(now appears at catalog,doesnt crash,I believe).
    It has an single piece engine.
    Issues and the bad things.
    It is almost single piece.The doors and the bumpers are removeable.It isnt paintable.But it is retexurable ;) The seat and the steering wheel are on chassis so the car needs the invisible parts.But you can put a custom seat with a little bit position edit.I cant make the car to get it from catalog with the engine.So you have to buy the engine from catalog.And the stock wheel has and the tire on it(the model)so the tyre is invisible

    It has and an custom texture by me.


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