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  1. Javas for Harrison15's New Painter
    Sections: Downloads \ Street Legal Racing: Redline \ Miscellanious Parts
    Tags: Java, Painter, Painter Script, Script, Slrr

    Just what it says in the link. Includes the Java sources for standard game and BB93 2015 versions of the painter. Useful if you want to convert it to a different resolution, make your own color palettes without having to do it in-game, or if you want to see how it works.

    Included AS-IS. I will likely not help you if you don't know what you're doing and you mess around with it too much!

  2. Noob-Proof Guide To RPK Structure!
    Sections: Tutorials \ Street Legal Modding Tutorials
    Tags: Guide, Help, Noob, Rpk, Script, Slrr, Structure

    Okay here is the simplest guide to RPK scripting! By the end of this you'll be scripting like a pro! The first thing to remember is that it looks a lot harder than it really is. This is something ANYONE can do, it just looks confusing which turns a lot of people away! If you still can't do it after this guide, then what can I say, you need serious help :D

    Okay first things first, you need two .exe's: resdecode and resconvert. Chances are, you already have these two files in your slrr folder!

    You want to copy BOTH and PASTE them into a new folder. I made a new folder in my documents and put them there.

    Now notice I have a third file: resource converter. This takes the work out of converting rpk and rdb files back and forth. You can download the resource converter here: http://streetlegalmods.com/downloads/game/tools/Resource-Converter (if a warning message pops up hit ignore. It's safe I promise).

    Okay, now you're ready to get started. For this tutorial, I will be using the rpk from my drag wheel mod as an example. You can use any rpk because they're all very similar. But for simplicity sake, I will use this.

    Now we need to convert this rpk to an rdb (readable/writable) file. You're in luck, the resource converter makes this really easy!

    Just DRAG the rpk onto the resource converter EXE like this:

    The program will open. Everything on the left is in rdb format, and everything on the right is rpk format. If you double click the name of the rpk on the right, it will convert to rdb. So once you double click it will look like this:

    Close the resource converter. You will now see you have another file in your folder. This is the rdb that has been converted. Right click it and open with notepad

    When it opens it will look like this:

    Okay here is where the fun starts. Pay attention to these </FILE> lines. Every snippet of code is separated by these and it is important to not forget them when making new bits of code. Also <FILE RES> and <FILE RSD> go hand-in-hand. (ignore the numbers they don't matter). A good way to tell where a piece of code ends and where another starts is by looking for the RSD bit. So we look at <FILE RSD> and see right below it is the location of the texture I'm using. This is where the piece of code ends. Right below it is another </FILE>, this signifies a new piece of code starts.

    I've highlighted the entire piece of code so you can visualize it better.

    I have THREE textures, so I need THREE pieces of code locating each of them!

    Simple right?

    Next we have the "typeof" and "superid" lines. The typeof line tells the game what type of resource this piece of code is.

    Common ones you will see:

    typeof 5: this is for meshes (.scx files)

    typeof 8: this used for scripts (cfg and class files)

    typeof 7: this is for textures

    typeof 9: this is for the physical mouse click on a mesh

    typeof 14: this is for renders (will talk about renders later)

    When defining textures we use typeof 7 and for the superid we use 0x00030003

    The superid helps the game find the file. I will explain the superid's later..

    This right here is a typeid, these are always unique and are always made up by YOU

    I completely made up 0x000000C4, 0x00000BD4, and 0x00000DC4. BUT they are all unique! So before you make up a typeid, hit CTRL F and search for it to make sure it isn't used already.

    Imagine parking a red car in a car park full of red cars. How will you ever find it? You must make it UNIQUE, if it is exactly the same as all the others you will have problems. This is basically what the game does, it needs to be able to tell two pieces of code apart. A typeid helps the game find what you want it to find.

    Ignore alias and isparentcompatible, these are not important. I personally just copy the source file name and paste it in the alias slot, and I never had to touch isparentcompatible.

    Hey guess what? You now understand how to read SLRR rpk code, what each line means, and why it's there! Take a moment to pat yourself on the back.

    Take a breather now, we're about to learn about "SECTIONS" of code. You learned what a piece of code looks like, now you will learn what a section looks like. This is possibly the most important thing to know.

    Remember those three textures above? Notice how I grouped all three together and at the top. They make up a "section" of code. In this example, this is the texture section. I like to put them at the very top for ease.

    Everything highlighted is the "texture section", or "section one".

    Let's go to section TWO!

    Notice that it is very similar except for some numbers and names. These numbers and names are what define a section pretty much.

    Here section two is .scx meshes. Notice the typeof 5 line and the superid 0x00030001 line. We use these for meshes. Now look at the typeid's, they are again all unique. I just made up whatever I can think of that is easy to remember because we WILL be using this again later (you might want to write these down if you have bad memory).

    Side note: never confuse a superid with a typeid. Think of it this way: a superid is SUPER STRONG, you can't change it (unless you know what you are doing). And a typeid means you need to TYPE a unique name. This stuff gets easier the more you use it, trust me. :P

    Since it is a mesh that we want to script, notice that the sourcefile line at the end points to my meshes folder. This is where all my 3d meshes are located. Now, to help me remember all the typeid's and match them to the file. I tend to make a pattern.

    So you'll see there is a pattern with the mesh file number and typeid number.

    <FILE 00000004.res >
    typeof 5
    superid 0x00030001
    typeid 0x000000D1
    alias Rim_01
    isparentcompatible 1.00
    <FILE 00000004.rsd >
    sourcefile parts\defiantpack\meshes\Rim_01.SCX
    <FILE 00000005.res >
    typeof 5
    superid 0x00030001
    typeid 0x000000D2
    alias Rim_02
    isparentcompatible 1.00
    <FILE 00000005.rsd >
    sourcefile parts\defiantpack\meshes\Rim_02.SCX
    <FILE 00000006.res >
    typeof 5
    superid 0x00030001
    typeid 0x000000D3
    alias Rim_03
    isparentcompatible 1.00
    <FILE 00000006.rsd >
    sourcefile parts\defiantpack\meshes\Rim_03.SCX

    Again, there are few conditions. Each typeid has to be unique and has to be used only ONCE. But I also make them a pattern: D1 - Rim 1, D2 - Rim 2, D3 - Rim 3 etc.. Just to make it easy to remember. YOU DON'T HAVE TO DO IT THIS WAY, BUT IT IS RECOMMENDED. Also, if I'm lazy I don't bother to make a pattern..

    Let's go to section THREE. This part may get confusing, so if you don't understand the first time then don't worry. You might need to take a break and reread this part over.

    This is where I realize I should have picked a simpler rpk because section 3 and 4 are sort of mixed, but I'll try my best to not complicate things.

    Lets name each section:

    Section 1: textures

    Section 2: meshes

    Section 3: click

    Section 4: render

    Section 5: script

    This section is a mix of 3 & 4 by choice. You can make them separate if it is easier for you. We can tell this is a new section because we look at the "typeof" line, and we see that it is different now. For click (mouse click) we see typeof 9, and for render we see typeof 14. Also the alias says "click" and "render".

    So remember when you are scripting a click code, you have to use type of 9 and superid 0x00030007. The typeid is unique once again, "B1". If you search in the file you will not find another "0x000000B1" anywhere. If you do you will have problems!!!

    Now look at shape parts\defiantpack\meshes\rim_01.SCX. This is in the "click" section, it basically gives the mesh a clickable shape based on how it's modeled.

    Now we are getting close to the end! Have a cookie. Let's talk about section 4 or the render section.

    Section 4 (render) is a little bit different and you must be able to differentiate different bits of code here.

    Again these have unique typeid's, and they will be used in the cfg.

    So let's take a close look at this bit of code:

    </FILE> <----- start

    <FILE 00000017.res >

    typeof 14 <---- remember this? 14 is always for

    superid 0x00030002 <---- use this superid for renders too, don't touch this

    typeid 0x000000A1 <---- same thing, just a unique id

    alias render

    isparentcompatible 1.00


    <FILE 00000017.rsd >

    mesh 0x000000D1 <---- this is the only place you want to copy a unique typeid. Go to section 2 (meshes) and look at the typeid for rim_01. These have to match. This render is used for rim_01. The next render is used for rim_02. etc..

    flags 8.0 <---- flag 8 gives your part a shadow. No flag no shadow.

    lod_amp 3.5 <--- ignore this

    texture 0x000000C4 <---- end (the end of a render is always the last texture id) Also go all the way to the very top and look at the id of the first texture. This render uses the texture 0x000000C4, also known as "chrome". Without this, the part will not be chrome!

    When exporting something from 3DS MAX to .scx, a texture folder will be printed. Inside this folder tells you the name of the textures and what order they need to be in. In this case, the rim only uses chrome so I only applied 0x000000C4 (chrome to it).

    It's important to get these textures in order if you have more than one.

    For example, if you export a 3DS MAX file to .scx and it prints out these textures:




    Then you would have all three textures in the render in that order! That way, when it renders in the game carbon will be on the bottom, paintable in the middle and chrome on top.

    Finally, we have the last section. Let's call it section 5 (script). This part is easy, and very simple. I have highlighted the piece of code for rim 1:

    This ties everything together. This section brings all the other sections together through the cfg file and the class and java files.

    typeof 8 - script

    superid - 0x0002F235 this is the only time you will choose what superid to use. The purpose of this superid is to put the file in a catalog category. Since I used 0x0002F235, this file will show up in the rims section. This link has all the superid categories listed: http://streetlegalmods.com/tutorials/street-legal-modding/221-MWM-Catalog-SuperIDs

    Let's say I want these rims to show up in the engine blocks section, I will change the superid from 0x0002F235 to 0x0000025C.


    We will copy our unique typeid's into the correct cfg folder. So let's open up rim_01.cfg

    I need to paste the render typeid for rim one, click typeid for rim one, and mesh typeid for rim one here.

    Aaaaannd you're done!

    Remember to go back and convert your new RDB file back to RPK format using the resource converter.

  3. Adjustable engine script FIX
    Sections: Downloads \ Street Legal Racing: Redline \ Miscellanious Parts
    Tags: Adjustable, Engine, Script, Fix, Camshaft, Crankshaft, Compression, Hp, Bore, Stroke, I4, Inline 4

    This is originally mod by apendix, but it had missing sliders, or it crashed the game. I rescripted it a bit, so it doesn't crash the game and is actually working. You can change bore and deck height - aka compression (tune block), stroke (tune crankshaft), valve diameter (tune cylinder head). You can tune supercharger's pulley diameter but it doesn't change anything for now. And I haven't figured out what is the problem with tuning valve lift and duration. I'll put it back as soon as I crack this nut. I am new to scripting so it's a bit hard for me to do this s**t and this is my first "mod", which isn't actually a mod and it isn't actually mine. I tested it on clean SLRR 2.2.1 MWM STAGE 1 and on stock engines. Tip: For fast revving engine, reduce stroke, that will give it durability on high rpms as well and to get power back, increase bore. Only bug I found is, when you change the value of anything mentioned above and close the tuning window, and then open it again, the slider is in middle, hence you can indefinitely change sizes. I guess when you get to 0 it will crash. If anyone wants to help me with this, I will be really thankful. HF slshot101.jpgslshot102.jpgslshot103.jpgslshot104.jpgslshot105.jpgslshot106.jpgslshot107.jpgslshot108.jpgslshot109.jpgslshot110.jpgslshot111.jpgslshot112.jpgslshot113.jpgslshot114.jpgslshot115.jpgslshot116.jpgslshot117.jpgslshot118.jpgslshot119.jpgslshot120.jpgslshot121.jpg

  4. 3DS Max Rim Resizer V2.2 - Rim Scale fixed
    Sections: Downloads \ Street Legal Racing: Redline \ Modding Tools
    Tags: 3Ds Max, Script

    What's been changed:
    Fixed Franco Max script scale for 13" & 14" rims.

    How to install:
    Extract the contend of this .rar inside your 3DS Max folder

    How get correct scale for 13" and 14":
    Use custom size button

    Other credits:
    Franco - for original Max script
    BigBoss93 - for updating original script

    Difference between old scale and new scale:

    Link generated 2/3/18

  5. 3DS Max Rim Resizer V2.2 - Rim Scale fixed
    Sections: News
    Tags: 3Ds Max, Script, Rim Resizer

    Click on the image to get it!


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