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  1. 2.2.5 Public Alpha
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    It's finally here. Buggy, broken, and any other way you could say unfinished!

    The 2.2.5 Open Alpha is now out for testing, so any feedback, good or bad is welcome. But remember, THIS IS THE ALPHA. It is nowhere near complete, and is buggier than you could imagine.

    All previous updates are included, including the unreleased Update 3.

    PLEASE NOTE: Ignore .DS_Store files. I play on a Mac, so they're in every damn directory I click on.

    This version includes many additions, from the new main menu, to some work-in-progress activities, and jobs to keep you rich, and occupied for a long time. While SL1 cars, and traffic aren't anything new, I do have some new cars, and traffic cars planned in which I will soon get to modeling.

    Occupations aren't complete, and activities aren't either. (And of course OMP is nowhere even complete.)

    I'm tempted to move it to SLRR_FXD, just because it is much less buggier, but it is currently built on SLRR Stage1 with much of the content removed.

    CMS Brakes, and Devil's engines are placeholders until I manage to start working out HD Engines for all the cars.

    These here will be the only updates to 2.2.5 Open Alpha:

    UPDATE 4:
    Coming Soon

    UPDATE 5:
    Coming soon

    Wanna help me crack down on bugs? Go here!:

    Need to contact me for any reason?
    Hit me up on

    PSN: Racedriver43457
    XBL: Racedriver43
    E-Mail: [email protected]

    If you want to help me out with my scripting skills to hopefully make 2.2.5 spectacular, be sure to tell me on my garage.


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