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  1. blast's Honda K20 Custom Specs
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    My first... Mod?

    Java sources for Honda K20 By blast. I didn't them all, but the most important ones are included. I intend to do the remaining javas later (The others just require a change in names and description BECAUSE ORGANIZATION).

    Javas included:

    Engine Block

    >>>ATENTION<<< :
    Use block.java if you have Mindedrift's NFS Shift 2 Sounds.
    Use block(2).java, rename to block.java and delete the other one if you use the original sound of the mod made by Gorgoil;


    Connecting Rods;

    Pistons (Stock & High Compression);

    Cylinder Head;

    Intake & Exhaust Cams;

    Fuel Rails;

    Transmission (Stock & Adjustable);

    Turbos & Supercharger (Some liars models BECAUSE ORIGINILITY).

    All the credits from the engine go to Blast. He did the Mod, this is just a small change.

    If You think this unnecessary, just don't use ;)



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