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  1. Cleaned up parts.rpk
    Sections: Downloads \ Street Legal Racing: Redline \ Miscellanious Parts
    Tags: Clean, Mwm, Remove, Stage 1

    I've seen that lots of people is asking about removing stock SLRR parts.
    Some say it's impossible. Really?
    This is for Stage 1 MWM. May work on clean MWM or other versions - not tested.

    - removed ALL stock suspension parts (except tires, they're in another rpk, and they can be safely removed);
    - removed neons (since I don't like them, and most of new mods don't use them);
    - batteries moved from Engines>accessories to Body>neons (name of category can be easily changed by editing catalog.java, and batteries will be in separate category. Also, I didn't put them in Body>others because of Vstanced Licence plates);
    - removed SLRR's licence plates;
    - removed subwoofers from audio section. Clean up ;)

    For more informations see read-me.


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