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  1. 5 New Cars + New Tracks BeamNG
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    Tags: Beam Drive, Beamng, Crash Testing, Gom Team, Pikes Peak, Street Legal

    I'm just waiting for everyone to realize.. this is the new street legal, sooner or later.

    Link to thread: http://www.beamng.com/threads/7868-Racing-Pack-5-cars-2-maps?p=106135#post106135 (probably have to be signed in with alpha access to get it)

    Sections: News
    Tags: Street Legal, Raxat, Steam, Blah

    I promised to give a reward for everyone who has purchased a premium key for Street Legal Racing: Redline at getstreetlegal.com and now it's time for you to take it!

    Recently we have finished our high quality cars DLC and now I'm expecting Valve's approval to release it on Steam. This DLC includes high-quality remakes of 9 original Street Legal cars:

    - Baiern CoupeSport/DevilSport (including CoupeSport DTM)
    - Emer Nonus (including Nonus DTM)
    - Einvagen 100 Series (including 140DTM)
    - Ishima Enula
    - Shimutshibu Focer
    - Hauler's SuperDuty
    - MC GT
    - Prime DLH
    - Duhen SunStrip

    If you have purchased premium activation key before, send us a request to [email protected] to get this DLC for free!

    Once again, I'd like to thank everyone who has supported our getstreetlegal.com store and Greenlight page on Steam!

    And many thanks to Singh! Dave, this project would be dead without your help!


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