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  1. Suzuka Kart Track
    Sections: Downloads \ Street Legal Racing: Redline \ Tracks and Maps
    Tags: Drift, Japan, Kart, Suzuka, Track

    Video of Suzuka Kart Track by TheValentino1998

    Things to fix,add & update:

    Replace all/most textures with better HQ ones [uv mapping],
    Add buildings ,
    Texture untextured objects,
    Add ai,
    Add race types ,time/drift [counter] /ect,
    Lighting for night,
    & More.


    V1.0.0 ~ 06/04/2014
    ~First Release.

    V1.1.0 ~ 07/04/2014
    ~Fixed brightness.
    ~Added extra road piece.
    ~Updated download link.

    V1.2.0 ~ 18/04/2014
    ~Added drift counter.
    ~Updated download link.


    SlimJim - Original Track
    DAVDAV - Converting
    Sterling - Help/Information on converting

    This is still basically a w.i.p so please pm me if you find bugs ect & also feel free to tell me your ideas!

  2. Suzuka Kart Track Released!
    Sections: News \ SL Download News
    Tags: Drift, Japan, Kart, Suzuka, Track

    Click the pictures to go to the download page!


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