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  1. Dark/Glass Theme for 2.3.1
    Sections: Downloads \ Street Legal Racing: Redline \ Textures and ENV
    Tags: Dark, Theme

    Staring at a bright screen for an hour while trying to pick a muffler isn't fun, so here's a mod to fix that!

    >MANY transparent elements
    >Dark main menu with the classic Prime background animation, now in 16:9 and with anti-aliasing!
    >Dark catalog and info sections
    >White font to go with them
    >Fancy your-car-remains-in-the-background dynamic Index page
    >Other small details within the 30+ files changed in total!

    Instructions in the Readme file!


    (the button is slightly evil, you don't have to make it happy)

    UPDATE 18.09.2016: Updated the catalog file to work with Build 917+ better.


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