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  1. Topeka Park Drag Edition V1
    Sections: Downloads \ Street Legal Racing: Redline \ Tracks and Maps
    Tags: Drag Edition, Drag Race, Heartland, Topeka

    Topeka Heartland Park
    converted from rfactor,
    converted by D1racer,
    java updated by oxman99,
    original java by nightrider.

    Install into addon maps folder in slrr. Must have 2.2.1 MWM installed.

    Now spawn at drag strip.
    Featuring timers for:
    60' & 1/8 mile
    1/8 mile & 1/4 Mile
    1/8 mile & 1000' (NHRA spec)
    Practice - no timers.

    All drag timers also include time trial for the circuit track.

    Circuit mode
    Time Trial Mode

    The track is scripted like test track, so you can run unlimited amount of times.
    No times are saved to car info.
    Times should be comparable to times from test track.
    Both new and original source file included.


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