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  1. Drag Strip (Beta)
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    Drag Strip (Beta)

    For 2.2.1MWM

    Converted from Assetto Corsa by: Blast & Gorgoil


    Practice Mode

    Drag Mode: 1/8 Mile , 1/4 Mile race & 1/2 Mile race

    On screen data: 1/8 mile time , 1/4 mile time ,0-100 kph 0-62mph and 0-200 kph 0-124mph

    Night racing with working lights. Install folder fix is for BB93 Slrr only. Replace object/object.rpk

    Christmas tree lights up for pictures. Install folder replace particles.rpk in main directory. Then goto maps/addon_maps/SLRR_DRAG/scripts/replace TrackRenders.cfg

    Alot of Trees were installed.

    Known Bugs:

    Pretty bad texture flicker on wall.

    Have fun more updates to come.

    Update 12/13/2015 New asphalt texture by Defiant

    Update 2/5/2016 New Textures by Defiant https://www.mediafire.com/?4rd2yb1atsl00le


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