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  1. SLRR Color IDs
    Sections: Tutorials \ Street Legal Modding Tutorials
    Tags: Color, Id, Slrr, Type Id, Typid

    These are the type IDs for the default colors in the cars/textures folder. I didn't see them uploaded anywhere else so here they are for future reference.

    NOTE: Change "0x0003____" to "0x0002____" while making cars instead of parts - cars have the cars.rpk listed higher on the external_links than parts do!

    "Default" Colors
    0x0003001C default_black (default_black)
    0x0003001D default_blue
    0x0003001E default_brown
    0x0003001F default_cyan
    0x00030020 default_gray
    0x00030021 default_green
    0x00030022 default_orange
    0x00030023 default_purple (default_purple)
    0x00030024 default_red
    0x00030025 default_white
    0x00030026 default_yellow
    0x00030039 default_gold

    Stock Dealer Colors
    0x0003002A Baiern \ Devils_eye_red
    0x0003002B Baiern \ Spring_yellow
    0x00030042 Einvagen \ Zucker
    0x00030043 Einvagen \ Tornado_rot
    0x00030044 Einvagen \ Nacht (Einvagen \ Nacht)
    0x00030045 Einvagen \ Smaragd
    0x00030046 Einvagen \ Black_mage (Einvagen \ Black_mage)
    0x00030047 Einvagen \ Hamvas_Grun
    0x00030048 Einvagen \ Indigo (Einvagen \ Indigo)
    0x00030049 Einvagen \ Jazz
    0x0003004A Einvagen \ Antracit
    0x0003004B Einvagen \ Mercator_Blau
    0x0003004C Einvagen \ Murano
    0x0003004D Einvagen \ Champagner
    0x0003004E Einvagen \ Ozean (Einvagen \ Ozean)
    0x0003004F Einvagen \ Reflex
    0x00030050 Einvagen \ Saratoga

    Rusty Dealer Colors
    0x00030065 Used \ Rusty_Cherry
    0x00030066 Used \ Rusty_Smaragd
    0x00030067 Used \ Rusty_Nacht (Used \ Rusty_Nacht)
    0x00030068 Used \ Rusty_Zucker

    Unused / Redundant Colors
    0x0003003B Baiern \ GT_III_black (Baiern \ GT_III_black; identical to default_black)
    0x0003003C MC \ Liberty (identical to Baiern \ Devils_eye_red)
    0x0003003D Baiern \ GT_III_gold (identical to default_gold)
    0x0003003E Baiern \ GT_III_white (identical to default_white)
    0x0003003F Baiern \ GT_III_red (identical to default_red)

    I believe cyan, brown, and gold are missing. Feel free to add to the list if you so choose to.

    Note: A couple of them might be transposed but I'm too lazy to check :P

    Also note that the "stock" car colors in the folders (other than the Einvagen's and the Baiern's listed here) are not tied into the cars.rpk normally, and thus can't be used on mods normally!

    Edited by Harrison15 for completeness. The color samples used for the text here are now also accurate.


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