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  1. Mercedes-Benz W126 SEC Pack
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    Tags: Addi, Mb, Mercedes Benz, Sec, W126, W126 Sec

    Mercedes-Benz W126 SEC
    by addi | forgotten-garage.pl

    Five versions of car:
    - W126 Stock
    - W126 Cabrio
    - W126 AMG
    - W126 Koenig Specials
    - W126 Koenig Specials Wide
    (with own suspension and physics)

    What's more?
    - 3 customs interiors
    * Bronze
    * Black/Red
    - 7 alloy wheels for all versions
    - Custom Parts
    - 3 Bodykits
    - Animated Parts
    * Sunroof (click on it)
    * 4x Windows (click on it)
    * Seats (click on it)
    * Antenna (when engine start)
    - 3 Steering Wheels
    - Custom lights front and rear
    - 3x Blende
    ..and more!

    Special thanks to:
    - CorradoSKJ (my teacher)
    - Qazaser (for textures)
    - RaVen (for photos)

    + seats fix ! DOWNLOAD



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