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  1. The... Derip Hill | SLRR
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    Tags: Derby, Hill, Video, Youtube

    The... Derip Hill | SLRR By TheCrash Channel

  2. New YouTube Channel!
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    Tags: Cyanide, Racing, Youtube

    Hey guys, I'm bringing out a new channel been thinking about doing it for so long, and well, here I am doing it! If you want to, subscribe and I hope you enjoy my enjoyment! :) Any requests such as games, challenges etc, I'll be sure to try and fulfill them to my best, just comment on the videos so I can keep up to date on them. :)

    Intro and outro will be coming as well and if anyone has experience in that stuff, feel free to PM me and help me out! :)

    Cheers everyone and enjoy this video! :)



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