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Author / Submitted by: Breden

How to Model a Insex Bolt

Hey boys and girls, i�m bored so i gonna create a tutorial how u make a insex bolt i 3D Studio Max. I use this bolt the add some details to my engines. It�s a very simple thing to do so i think u will understand quite easy =)


Make a tube in max, 6sides for it, and unmark smooth for it.
It should look like this:

Right click on it and choose Convert To: Convert to Editable Poly. Then choose the tool polygon in modifiers list. Then mark the outer part of the tube, so the inside is still there like this:

Then u press delete, then u only should have the inner part of the tube left.

Then choose border tool, mark on edge of the tube, like this:

Then choose the scale tool, select the edge, hold down shift and crop it so it is one whole side with no hole in it like this:

If u have done it right, u have finished the inner part of the bolt ;)
Well, over to the outside:
Make a 18 sided cylinder around the 6sided inner part, and the new cylinder should be a little bigger then the inner part:

Convert the cylinder to editable poly with Right click / Convert To: Convert to Editable Poly.Then choose polygon tool again and mark the side of the cylinder like this:

Then press delete to remove the side. Choose one of the cylinders and scroll down in the modifiers list until u find the button �Attach�.

Press the other cylinder that u didn�t choose to attach those ones togheter. Now when they are attached to each other u need to make shure that the two outer edges is flush with each other.

When u have the edges flush u need to make the 6sided edge a little bigger and the 18sided edge a little smaller like this:

Then u need to switch to vertex mode in modifiers list, and then choose target weld.

With target weld mode selected u need to choose the poly u want to weld to the other like this:

Then it�s just a matter of welding all the vertices so u get a smooth and nice side.
If u done everything right u should get a end result similar to this:

Well i think that is it for this tutorial. I hope i explaind it clear and simpel enough for u.

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3. ChristineMeany

2018-01-12 06:07

And where are all pictures?

2. dG.Cyanide

2014-10-30 00:07

Boolean creates artifacts in the mesh, pro-boolean doesn't but still it's hard to clean up the mesh. To create detail it's always best to avoid using boolean.

1. KeeJay13

2014-05-16 11:41

Ain't it easier using Boolean?

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