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Author / Submitted by: Chris

How to Model a Rim

Video tutorial

I made this tutorial due some request on how I made them.
Its just a basic tutorial you can ad as much edges to you're cilinder as you want ;)

The rim I made in this tutorial is the Enkei rpf1.
I used these pictures as refference:

You Need Pics Like This For this Tutorial.

Hope you all will enjoy it ;)

Alternative link: http://depositfiles.com/en/files/5boac0w4r

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Download: How to Model a Rim

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8. ZASharpEYE

2014-12-07 06:09

new link plss


7. -JoĆ£ao

2013-02-03 16:55

Link Broken


6. diegosalva

2012-09-25 19:35

how i can traform a project for a part of slrr?

5. turbojc

2012-07-01 16:05

Link is broken. :(
Can someone upload this tut?

4. subw000fer

2009-02-17 19:19

really good tutorial. teached me alot :P
BUT! had to pause a couple of times every second to see where that freaking pointer was :P and its not so smart to use hotkeys when making an tutorial and dont tell what you did :/ those things made this a REALLY hard tutorial.. but as i said, it was really good, and i learned alot :D thx man 8)

3. stevo

2008-08-16 15:47

Was a hard tutorial to folow as you were going so fast and not telling me what to do and where :P

It is good but I need help at the very start on how to get the image template from the background? I have tryed making a plane but I don't know how to texture it.

Can you tell me how to texture it?




2. Chris

2008-08-14 05:15



2008-08-13 20:11

chris is a bitch xD

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