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Tutorials \ 3D Modeling Tutorials \ How to Smooth Objects.

Author / Submitted by: Chris

How to Smooth Objects.

Did it a while ago and thought lets post it on the new gom site :)
So here it is!

Hopefully some will be able to use it ;)

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6. ChristineMeany

2018-01-12 03:51

Not open(


5. Singh

2007-12-27 02:28

i'll make a tutorial section soon


2007-12-26 17:26

Link changed;)


3. tarmo120

2007-12-26 14:32

i guess easier is just to give links.


2. Chris

2007-12-26 14:31

yeah sry stuid photobucket likes to risize...
I'll ask a admin to change the pic link ASAP ;)


1. tarmo120

2007-12-26 13:04

kinda small. dont you think?

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