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Author / Submitted by: Endo

Simple Body Mapping tutorial

Basically this tutorial is the high speed way of mapping cars.... its far from perfect, but will do for most purposes.

Firstly you need to have a car, i can't help with that part, so im assuming you've wasted a good part of your life modelling your dream ride...

your model will look like this

firstly you need to seperate all the parts that would be considered details, for example lights, badge, windows, window lines, arials etc..

your model should look like this now, which is more or less what the body panels would look like with out any of the detail parts.

your next step then is to seperate the model, into several parts eg. front, front bottom, side, hood, top, rear, rear bottom etc.... i've coloured the model in to give you a better idea oh how it would be seperated.

once the car has been split up, create a SQUARE plane in the background, this is going to be your guide, then rotate each part so that it is set at 90 degreess to the plane.

in persepctive:

it looks pretty weird i know, but it will all make sense soon.

once you have all your parts layed out to the square, arranged so that you are happy, apply a PLANAR UVW MAP to the square, this is done by selecing UVW MAP from the drop down menu in the modifiers menu

the result should look like this

once your plane has been mapped, you are able to use it as a reference for mapping the car,

select every part of the cars body, and selct UVW MAP from the drop down box, this time instead of choosing planar mapping, click the AQUIRE button located at the bottom of the menu, then click on the plane your had previously mapped, a dialogue box will appear asking for relative, or absolute, choose absolute. this will map all the parts relative to the original square

now when you look at the car in the UVW mapping screen it will look like this

now, the rest is easy,

render the top down view, so that you can see the square as a wire-frame, the larger the better, crop the render to the edges of the square, and you now have the template for your texture.

the last thing to do is put your model back together again, this can be a pain, but buy using the 3d snap tool you should be able to re-align vertexes easily.

as soon as this is done, re-attach all the body panels so the body is made up of one piece, and make a basic .psd where you've coloured in the basic body of the car, the result should look like this.

now that the main part is out of the way, all that is left to do, is parts like details, these can be mapped easily now,

for example, a headlight, part once detached can be planar mapped, then by using the UVW editor you can re-scale it to the portion of the map that you've made into the headlight texture.

and eventually after several hours of hard work....

you car should look like this.

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4. diegosalva

2012-09-24 18:42

Whwn you finish the work, how i can transform my file in a scx file?


3. konaworld

2011-08-20 00:43

AutoDesk 3DMax :)

2. orion

2010-04-10 12:09

hello, what's the program i have to use to do this? thanks

1. MisterSir

2010-03-21 17:39

there are much simpler ways that dont involve modifying the model itself, to doing this

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