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Author / Submitted by: maryus_x90

NFS Shift Tool & Tutorial

Hi to all. I have just make a little "trickness". They are many peoples who can not import car from NFS Shift because they do not find a zmodeler 2.2.2 cracked version. So i have take the NFS Shift BFF plugin from zmodeler 2.2.2 and put in zmodeler 2.2.1 cracked version. Now you can import cars from NFS Shift. Do not forget to read the tutorial about how to use QuickBMS to make NFS Shift files from .bff to .bml so can be import in zmodeler.

Tutorial ::: How to extract NFS Shift BFF files http://forum.zmodeler2.com/viewtopic.php?t=4149&sid=8bfd68a85bd63a3a459f07bae978c0ee

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8. ChristineMeany

2018-01-12 06:08

what do you mean under word "trick"?

7. _Dave

2010-01-03 04:34

zmod doesnt seer bml files ..

6. maryus_x90

2009-12-27 10:18

yeah it works, checked by me, allready import a corolla ae86 gts :: http://street-legal-mods.com/posts-q4228.xml

5. Christopher Jason

2009-12-27 09:13

It Work Perfectly

4. Rolts

2009-12-27 08:59

Does it really work? Because the last time I tried that (2.2.0 plugin in some older version) it just didn't work.

3. maryus_x90

2009-12-26 18:41

i have post upload on filefront and put the download link here but i dont know why they dont validate it :(

2. Klobsters

2009-12-26 17:05

Oh, I find out!

1. Klobsters

2009-12-26 16:59

Sorry but where did you get the .bml import plugin? :) But really thanks for all tut...

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