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Author / Submitted by: D1Racer

SHIFT 2 Unleashed Import/Export with textures tutorial

How to import shift 2 meshes into zmodeler and export to 3DSMax with working textures and liveries..

This tutorial will show you how to Import Shift 2 cars into zmodeler and export to 3DSMax (.obj) with working textures and liveries.

Things you will need..
Zmodeler 2.2.5 Build 989 or newer
3DSMax 9 or newer (for .OBJ import)
Installed SHIFT 2 1.02

First, Copy the PAKFILES, DLC1 and DLC2 folders to another folder seperate to your shift 2 install. Then copy the Shift 2 unpack files into that directory. Right click on the batch file and run as administrator. It will start unpacking all the games files. This will take awhile, especially on slower computers.

First, open Zmodeler then set up the textures paths and other stuff like it says here LINK
Then import the car or cockpit VHF you want, it should import and if you set zmodeler up right, should be all textured.

To get liveries working you need to copy UV channel #2 to UV channel #1, as SHIFT 2 use channel 2 for liveries.
Follow the guide here, 4th post down LINK

Now once you have done all that export as .OBJ, with materials on. Now before we can import into 3DSMax, we need to edit the MTL file that is created when you export as OBJ. Open the MTL file with notepad or similar. Look at each material section, at the bottom of each you will see where it points to the textures. Some settings have multiple diffuse/normal textures. We need to delete these or 3DSMax will hang on import. So go through the lists and delete any extra diffuse/normal maps then import into 3DS, if it hangs you missed something!

Once you have edited the MTL file correctly import into Max, add the search path for your unpack Shift 2 textures folder and it will import all textured and ready to go! Just edit the specular etc settings, add reflections or whatever.

I will update this with more details and pics when I get time this weekend. Tags: No tags

Download: SHIFT 2 Unleashed Import/Export with textures tutorial

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6. hd5boros

2012-06-13 01:42

Thanks cannot be said enough for all your hard work in providing this tutorial. I'm a little unclear on the .MTL editing. Which diffuse/normal textures would be considered 'extra'? I'm attaching a .MTL that I created following your steps. Can someone take a look and highlightUnedited .MTL file... the ones that can be removed so I can compare it to the original?

5. D1Racer

2011-09-26 11:00

I suggest to use a 2009 or newer Max, and Miran's new exporter, paintable materials are alot easier, plus you need it for .obj import. Also I use it so I can help you out some, I don't use Max 5 though. PM me your msn if you need help.

4. Jake.

2011-09-26 10:21

wow sounds good Ive downloaded all the necessary things i need so i will give it a try and see what happens :-) im still struggling to make paintable parts but the rest i can do.

3. D1Racer

2011-09-26 04:36

If you follow the instructions, yes. It will be textured, you just need to add paintable material to body parts, and reflection and edit specular/gloss for others.

2. Jake.

2011-09-26 00:54

so basically once the car is ripped from game put into Zmodeler then 3ds max its already textured and ready for convert to slrr etc ?

1. D1Racer

2011-09-23 04:29

100 hits and no comments? Come on guys, does this help you? Is it junk? Needs more info??

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