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Tutorials \ Street Legal Modding Tutorials \ 2.2.1. MWM Catalog SuperID's

Author / Submitted by: MiraN

2.2.1. MWM Catalog SuperID's

There are SuperIDs for all Catalog categories.
By Miran.

How to use:
Take sure is 'parts\' at 4 position at external_links list at yours rdb (rpk).
If you want to put yours part for something category create SuperID 0x0004[category number]
and paste it as superid to your part's 'type of 8' (there is seting cfg and class files).

025C - Engine Blocks
025E - Crankshafts & Bearning
00B7 - Connecting Rods
00B6 - Pistons
0252 - Oil Pans
025D - Cylinder Heads
025F - Intake & Exhaust Crankshafts
026F - Air Delivery: Intakes
0255 - Air Delivery: Air Filters
026E - Fuel Delivery: Carburetors
026B - Fuel Delivery: Injectors
023C - Clutchs & Flywheels: Flywheels
0249 - Clutchs & Flywheels: Clutches
023B - Transmission & Drivetrain: transmissions
024A - Transmission & Drivetrain: differentials
0250 - Exhaust System: Pipes
0282 - Exhaust System: Headers
00C9 - Exhaust Tips
00BE - Drive Belts
0012 - Accesories & Others: Alternators
D122 - Accesories & Others: Electrics/Electronics
0010 - Accesories & Others: Batteries
0279 - Charging System: Superchargers
0281 - Charging System: Turbochargers
00BD - Charging System: Pipes etc.
0277 - N2O System:Canisters
00B4 - N2O System: Injectors
F27D - Pro tunning
F23C - Engine Kits

F242 - Body Panels
F24F - Replacement Parts
F24C - Lights & Windows
F24B - Neon Lights
F233 - Areodynamic Tunning
F228 - Others
F23B - Body Kits

Running Gear:
F235 - Rims
F229 - Suspensions
001C - Shock Absorbers
F22A - Springs
F22D - Disc Brakes
009B - Drum Brakes
F23E - Tyres
D120 - Others
D121 - Pro Tunning
F249 - RG kits

F243 - Steering wheels
F245 - Dashes
F23f - Gearknobs
F241 - Pedals
F244 - Gauges
F246 - Seats
F247 - Rollbars
F248 - Decoration

F240 - Head Units
0246 - Amplifiers
0247 - Boxes
0248 - Subwoofers
024B - Accesories
025B - Audio Kits Tags: No tags


11. hutamaeky

2016-10-05 03:02

guys please guide me to use this mods

10. MrShrelock

2014-12-17 13:34

Guys, I got a question... I created muffler, I copied rim .rdb , so it wont worked.. After that I saw this , I changed .rdb file and voulia! My muffler apears! In catalog... :D It is not compactible (I duuno why). I think it is too big, anyways, I would be thankful if anyone could help me... And... there is just one space where I need to change superid, yeah? (just one muffler)
Thank you!!(if you could help of course, or even trie to help..)


9. jhonydoe1

2014-10-26 13:39

There are also internal super ID's :) for scripts
sorry I can only work off speculation as it seem the "moders" on this site are hell bent on driving "noobs" away from tinkering and getting good quality info for SLRR and repeatedly come with half assed tutorials and consistently do not have answers and then come with a apple genius like solution "reinstall" the game ..

your starting to jar my bones stop giving people half the fking picture then jumping down there throats because they don't / can't meat your petty modding standards not surprised they cant get decent fucking mods out for the game your fucking with holding all the relevant good info to do so..

EG: SUPERID in catalogue to a load script

2.30 superid 0x0002F228
MWH superid 0x0002F244

do good not evil..
stop being jerk & troll to new moders

8. Caballo

2014-10-23 07:35

Thank you very much, Miran

7. LubY

2012-11-15 09:05

Dude, Why is that when i use this ID "D122 - Accesories & Others: Electrics/Electronics" stuff don't show in catalog?

6. prominentalex

2011-12-12 04:16

I do not understand anything you're saying in the description, could anyone help?


5. dj_deli

2011-04-16 10:55

oh Thanks !

4. Davidov

2009-06-20 03:49

Ah, OK then, I won't do it next time then.

3. Dafn

2009-06-20 02:56

but next time please dont put a direct klink on redline racers, we pay for that transfer! miran deleted it yesterday

2. Davidov

2009-06-14 07:13

Actually, I posted them here, because not many check that hidden archive included in the MWM patch that has all this ;b


1. Sam C

2009-06-14 05:39

Thank you very much Miran

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