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Author / Submitted by: GTRxITE

GPS Navigator

Set up for your map

Hello! sorry for bad english :-( recently I guessed how GPS works in SLRR and decided to share his knowledge. The procedure is very ambitious and therefore try to describe as accurately as possible.

!To start, make sure you have a 3d model of the track! if not, then all options will be made ??in the blind, which is harder to ..

Step 1 - prepare the game files

First you need to add these files to a folder with a map, which are going to create your own GPS.
Open the file smallmap.rdb and see what you need to change the path to the files belonging to this folder. Replace with your path. In Notepad click CTRL + H

Replace and save.
Next you need to convert it all back in the rpk. To do this, swing the files and add to the root of the game. Open in_rpk.tex and change in the way. In my case: resconvert maps \ Addon_Maps \ canal \ smallmap (canal - this is the name of my rpk track)
Save, close and now we change the file extension tex at bat and open the window opens in_rpk.bat with running strings, as all the stops, press Enter

Step 2 - a bit of Java

Open your waking track and are looking for something like the following lines:

map = new GroundRef( maps.city:0x00000001r ); 
nav = new Navigator( -23.482, -24.45, 5.828, maps.city.smallmap:0x00000001r, maps.city.smallmap:0x00000002r, maps.city.smallmap:0x00000005r, 8, 8, 8 );

tell more:

First change the path to your:
nav = new Navigator( -23.482, -24.45, 5.828, Maps.Addon_Maps.canal.smallmap:0x00000001r, Maps.Addon_Maps.canal.smallmap:0x00000002r, Maps.Addon_Maps.canal.smallmap:0x00000005r, 8, 8, 8 );

Note that instead of a slash "\" to use a period "."

1 - the vertical position
2 - horizontal
3 - is responsible for the gaps between cells (talk about them later, but better not to touch them at all)
4 - the number of cells in the vertical
5 - number of cells horizontally
6 - is responsible for the gap spacing between cells

for example:

the first thing you should know that reading is at the top left corner, and this should be at the coordinates (0, 0, 0);
in our case, the number of cells in all axes 8x8 = 64
if you change the numbers 4,5,6 - (8, 8, 8) to (2, 2, 2), we obtain:
number of cells will change to 2x2 = 4 (red)
number is number 6 = 2. from the right edge of the red edge (cell number 2) is measured two cells end up in cell number 5. It is with this issue will be replacing the cells number 9; ? 10 for the number 5; ? 6
what is it? I'll talk about this in step number 4

Step 3 - prepare a texture to GPS

Its texture I took from the game FlatOut. You can also search for other games (to get the texture of the different games, you can use 3d ripper dx - the program works only for games supporting DirectX 6.x, 8.x and 9.x) or search for a texture in the network. In the worst case you render tracks on top in 3d max. size of the texture should be square, ie 1024x1024, etc.

Open track scene in 3d max.
Create a plane:
Create / standard primitives / plane
One cell has an area equal to 58300,0 cm x 58300,0 cm
Now look how many cells will be necessary to build in GPS on the entire map. In my case, lack of 2x2 = 4.

Create a plane suitable for your cell number. Multiply the number of 58300,0 cm cells horizontally and vertically.
Make changes to the waking track! (figure 2 (figure 4.5))
Put on this plane that texture. how to do it, watch tutorials on the web.
Now you need to adjust the texture to the model tracks so that ratio was 1:1!
Move along the axes, change the texture size in the graphic editors, etc.
BUT, under no circumstances do not change the size of the cells and not to use Unwrap UVW modifier and the other in 3d max!
That's what I got:

Next you need to move the "pointer" in the upper left corner.

Move the plane at 0, 0, 0 (item 5). The pointer should shift in the center and at the same time is in the same upper-left corner!
Looking for a place in which to display the car on the GPS and it is the same starting position player!
Download the script here SLRR coordinates and tutorial FIXED how to install, watch videos in the archive.

Create a small object and drag it to your site

-789.812 -490.455 0.0 - my coordinates. The height of the GPS is not present, so that we remove it. All these numbers are divisible by 100 and get -7,898 -4,904
Now it should be noted in the same place, but only in 3d models track. create a small object and let it remain active (1)

Click (2). From our object drag on the plane and release coatings (which we measured the distance between two objects)
(4), (5) and in (6) save the value (height is not needed) 154.51 -238.554 divide by 100 and get 1.545 -2.385
And in the end to add -7,898 -4,904 -2.385 1.545 and obtain -6,354 -7,289
Make any changes in waking:
nav = new Navigator (-6.354, -7.289, 5.828, Maps.Addon_Maps.canal.smallmap: 0x00000001r, Maps.Addon_Maps.canal.smallmap: 0x00000002r, Maps.Addon_Maps.canal.smallmap: 0x00000005r, 2, 2, 2);

Step 4 - prepare a texture for the GPS part 2

In order to cut the texture, I use PhotoShop. Open up the texture in the editor:

(1), select the tool to the entire area of texture (2), and click RMB and choose Divide Slice, doing as an example.
Save Alt + Shift + Ctrl + S
Now we have four flat pieces.
Further need Paint.net download or plug-in for PhotoShop reading dds format
A little bit about the structure of the textures in the folder name smallmap \ textures

According to the table I think will understand.
number is number 6 = 2 (picture number 3)
then depart from the two cells and a2 would get to the next, and a5 from here will be reading the bottom line. To not so tormented, then change this value by the number 8 and then you need the texture a1, a2, b1, b2
But in my case the texture a1, a2, a5, a6, open them in a graphical editor and the pieces too.
Save for compliance, go in the game and admire :-)

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1. _Dave

2012-02-21 06:23

good tutorial, help

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