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Author / Submitted by: Singh and Panther

How to Add new parts to SLRR

The author uploaded this text to previous gom-team site. I hope i'm not doing anythinr wrong by uploading this tutorial. 


- You need "resdecode" and "resconvert" from the development kit!

- Start MS-DOS (Start>Run then type CMD and press enter)

- Type cd folder-location and press enter
IE: "cd Crogram FilesActivision ValueStreet Legal Racingcarsracers" if you want to add a car-part like a new hood...

- Type "resdecode RPK_name_without_the_extension"
IE: "resdecode Einvagen"

- Now the RPK has been decoded! Spend a lot of time looking at it and observing the way it's set-up and look for relationships between the stuff.


- In the case of most car-parts, you will need a "click", "shape", "texture", "render", and the script files of course!
So find a part similar to your part and find the shape -

- Now the "click" is going to be a mesh and usually the same mesh as the shape (this is so you can click
the part and remove it/tune it etc.), the difference is the alias will say "click" instead

typeof 9
superid 0x00000001
typeid 0x000000D9
alias click
isparentcompatible 1.00

shape carsracersEinvagen_datamesheshood.scx

NOTE: The type-ID of this section will be used in the CFG like this
click 0x000000D9

WARNING: Make sure the tags are both the same number... sometimes people accidentally get half
of one file and half of the next -- the file comes in the 2nd half!

- Copy the entire thing and paste it under it's self

- Now the number in the file tags can be duplicated so don't worry about that, and the superid you shouldn't mess with either,
but the typeid MUST be original EVERY TIME! I've found the easiest way to do come up with an original number is by
changing a 0 to A -- like typeid 0x000000D9 -> typeid 0x00000AD9 -- to be sure you can search the file for that
offset using CNTRL+F to make sure if you want!

-Then just change the mesh URL to whatever you want!

- the shape will be a mesh and for the alias it will say the name of the part or something similar - it will look something like this:

typeof 5
superid 0x00000003
typeid 0x0000006B
alias hood
isparentcompatible 1.00

sourcefile carsracersEinvagen_datamesheshood.scx

NOTE: The type-ID of this section will be used in the CFG like this
mesh 0x0000006B

- The same exact thing applies to this as the "click", duplicate it and change the type-ID and name the mesh whatever
you want your new mesh to be.

- Now if you can use an existing texture in the RPK to texture your part in 3ds Max, you should do that and skip
making a new texture, otherwise, identify a custom texture the same way you did the mesh... the texture looks like this

typeof 7
superid 0x00000004
typeid 0x0000006C
alias Einvagen_hood.ptx
isparentcompatible 1.00

sourcefile carsracersEinvagen_datatexturesEinvagen_hood.dds

NOTE: The type-ID of this section will NOT BE used in the CFG file unless you want it to be paintable!

- Once you have changed the type-ID and added your new texture, you want to look for the "render" section... it looks like this:

typeof 14
superid 0x00000005
typeid 0x0000006A <- Give it a unique typeid
alias hood
isparentcompatible 1.00

mesh 0x0000006B <- Change this to the res. ID of your new mesh
flags 8.000
lod_amp 3.000
shd_center 0.000 0.000 0.000
shd_diru 0.000 0.000 0.000
shd_dirv 0.000 0.000 0.000
shd_vbase 0.000 0.000 0.000
shd_vup 0.000 0.000 0.000
texture 0x00020025 <- this is for paintable texture, goes in the CFG file to make it paintable
texture 0x0000006C <- if you made a new texture change this accordingly

NOTE: The type-ID of this section will be used in the CFG like this
render 0x0000006A


- Now the above being in the RPK alone doesn't do shit, those were more like "options" but now,
we must classify the part so the menu displays a new part... so find the main file by looking for the .cfg/.class files...
here's an example:

typeof 8
superid 0x0000010B
typeid 0x000000B8
alias hood
isparentcompatible 1.00

script carsracersEinvagen_datascriptsEinvagen_hood.class
native part carsracersEinvagen_datascriptshood.cfg
lod_amp 3.000

NOTE: this doesn't NEED to be in the CFG but they usually include it at the top as a note just so you know
when dealing with attach slots and all it helps to have the res. IDs written down

- Once again you change the typeid to something unique and identify the .class and .cfg of your new part

- You may want to mess with the superid depending on what your doing here but I don't know exactly what means what...

- Now make sure the CFG has the correct res. IDs for the parts you made (you can just duplicate the CFG of the part you
used to add your new part and then just change the 0's to A's like you did to the RPK.


- Save the text file, then go back to DOS and type "resconvert Einvagen" instead of resdecode and it will convert it to a RPK.
If you haven't created the meshes/textures/cfg/class etc. then do that and that's it. If you didn't make any mistakes
(which you probably did if it's your 1st attempt) then it should have added a new part.[/code] Tags: No tags

Download: How to Add new parts to SLRR

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2. giberish1243264

2012-04-05 07:48

istill dont get it plus i cant download resconvert -.- its realy annoying all i want to do is put different engines in new cars i downloaded

1. ALIENwoods

2008-05-20 01:58

It's more easy if you use Resman, not a texteditor...

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