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Author / Submitted by: Davidov

How to Make HQ paintjobs

Detailed tutorial about making paintjobs Drifter92 style

Ok, you wanna make a nice paintjob ? Do what I say.

1)Get the car and install all the parts you want and paint it all white

2)Get a big black decal (as seen in the pic) and place it on the car. Place the decals so that 100% of the car is now black. This is to see the edges of the part later on, when you will edit in Photoshop.

3)Mark out the parts (for exapmle I marked the front left quarter panel with FLQ) Do this with each part so you won't forget (later on) wich part is wich

4)Remove the marked parts and other parts

5)Paint the bare chassis white again

6)Place the black decals onto the bare chassis untill it turns black again
NOTE : Steps 5 and 6 are to get rid of the marks that might be left on the chassis after marking the parts

7)Install every part back onto the car

8)Save the paintjob you got so far

9)Dowload this http://street-legal-mods.com/page-586.xml

10)Select the paintjob files (save/skins).

11)Drag and drop them into the program you dowloaded and click "Rename to .JPG"

12)Open the .JPG files and edit them in Photoshop (in my picture - front left quarterpanel, left door, rear left quarterpanel ready to be edited) Optionally, you may resize the images, and make them bigger, so it will have more details and will come out sharper ;b

13)After you finished all the editing, select the .JPG's, drag and drop them into the "Rename All" progam and click remove extension (only click ONCE cus if you click it again, it f**ks it all up and you have to start from the begining)

14)Enter tha game and load the paintjob onto the car ;b
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18. elarmamento

2013-01-07 19:48

alguien me puede pasar el sparky rename


17. GrafK

2012-03-18 12:02

@ liutasxxz: Take a look at the screenshot... Total Commander.

16. liutasxxz

2011-06-20 19:41

what tool was there cuz link is not exist

15. Davidov

2009-07-12 13:15

But it's still Varis. Well, it's better than VeilSide, that's for sure. It's not organic at all.


14. robban_9000

2009-07-12 12:48

well, it looks like crap to be honest :P i hate the design of it..


13. ozols

2009-07-12 12:46

its varis widebody:P

12. Davidov

2009-07-12 04:56

It's some widebody. But I'm 100% sure it's not VeilSide.


11. robban_9000

2009-07-11 22:23

LOL.. BTW whats the name of that bodykit? Rubber Duck Force 3000? look at the front bumper and the lights and u will se what i mean...

10. JAG

2009-07-11 21:34

LMAO, I think dragons meant what is that car in the pics? It's an MR-S, but where did you get it?

9. Rolts

2009-03-30 11:35

So by your definiton, lawbmowers are cars too?:lol
Very nice tut btw! First painting the thing black with decals is genius!

8. Christopher Jason

2009-03-30 10:01

nice tut dude was very worth reading


7. TimEK9

2009-03-30 09:05

definately worth ur time. TY

6. Davidov

2009-03-30 08:37

ROTFLMAO ! A car is something with 4 wheels and an engine. People have been driving it around for the last 100 years.


5. dragons

2009-03-30 06:50


4. Davidov

2009-03-29 23:30

Well, that's already photoshoping, not paintjob making...for that you have to know how to use photoshop.


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