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Author / Submitted by: JAG

How to Make SLRR Style Paintable & Decalable

Ok, lets say you just made an awesome hood for the SuperDuty. You decide that you just can't have that super cool hood looking like a big colored blob, you want it to fit the SLRR style, so it has to be textured like the original SuperDuty hoods. Well, this tutorial will show you how to make the material to do it. I won't show you how to map the part to the texture, it's a lot easier to watch Dave_69's video tutorial. You can find it here in the tutorials section. It also shows you how to make a paintable material, but not one using SLRR textures.

Ok, step one, obviously, is to open the Material Editor.

Next, you need to edit the Specular to 100, and the Glossiness level to 40.

Now for the material itself. Click the little square next to diffuse. A window will pop up with different material/map type choices. We want Mix. You can either click Mix and then click Ok, you can just double click Mix, your choice.

That will take us to Mix Parameters. This is where we add the textures to the mix material. For SLRR, the default color goes first, so click on Color #1, then when the window pops up, choose bitmap. A second window will pop up, use it and browse to the "...Street Legal Racing/cars/textures" folder and pick one of the default colors. For this tutorial, I picked "default_blue.png". Now, that will take you to the bitmap parameters section that configures how the map uses the texture, but we don't need to touch that for this map, so click on the black "L" shaped arrow, circled in blue in the pic below, to go back.

Now, click on Color #2, again choosing bitmap in the window that pops up, and browse to the folder where the texture you're using is located, and select the texture. In this tutorial's case, "SuperDuty_hood.dds". We do need to configure this map however, so when it switches to bitmap parameters after selecting your texture, stay there.

In the bitmap parameters section, find the box Mono Channel Output, and select Alpha.

Now, this is super easy. Click and hold on the button next to Color #2 and drag it to the box for Mix Amount, and let off the mouse button. A window will pop up, click on Copy and then Ok.

Notice it's white and not blue? Don't worry about it when using .dds textures. Apparently MAX doesn't show alpha channels for .dds, so you'll only see the texture itself in MAX. If you use a .png with an alpha channel, it will appear correctly, as it would ingame, with the texture mixed with the default color you selected.
EDIT by JAG 7-31-08: If you download THIS Nvidia .dds plugin, you'll have full alpha support for .dds textures. I just discovered this. Just make sure you delete or rename the original dds.bmi plugin in the 3dsmax5/stdplugs folder first, then install the new one in that same folder.

Now hit that back button until you're back to the main section we were at in the first 2 steps. This is how we set the reflection for the material. See the box named Maps? Click on the "+" to the left of Maps to open this box. Find reflection and change it's value from 100 to 70, then click the box next to it that says none. Now select bitmap again, browse to the "...Street Legal Racing/cars/textures" folder again and select "general_env_map.dds".

That's it!! You're done!! You did it!! Congratulations!

Now, like I said already, I won't show you how to map the part to the texture, you'll have to get Dave_69's video tutorials for that. It's easier to learn by watching a video than reading and looking at pictures.

EDIT 7-29-08 by JAG: Fixed missing pictures. You're welcome.
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6. DOwdow

2016-01-11 19:53

Thanks !

5. Christopher Jason

2009-11-21 07:41

downlaod Area


4. Daniel

2009-11-20 23:06

Where can i get that program?

3. JAG

2008-07-29 19:24

Done. You're welcome!


2. D A V I D

2008-02-10 17:58

yeah... JAG needs to upload the pics again, then it will be ok:)


2008-02-10 10:30

the pictures wont show up

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