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Author / Submitted by: Davidov

How to Take HQ screenshots

OK, many have asked about this.

First let's start with the basics :

1) First, when you take a screenshot you should pause the game. You do this by pressing 'Num 0' if you are using LE. Or '3' if you are using MWM.

2) Next remove the OSD. You can do this by pressing 'TAB' (Works in both LE and MWM).

3) Press 'F9' to allow you to move the camera around freely. You can control the camera by using the arrow keys and using 'Num -' and 'Num +' for zooming in and out. Hold the right mouse button down to rotate the view.

4) 'F12' to take a screenshot. DO NOT use Print Screen !

Now let's continue with the more advanced stuff, shall we ?

1) Run the game in the highest resolution your PC can handle !

2) Using Catalyst Control Center or Nvidia Control Panel set your Anti-Aliasing to maximum.

3) Next download ENB Series (either from our site, with pre-configured variations from our users or from ENBDev) and unzip into your main SLRR folder. In the game press 'Shift + F12' to activate it.

NOTE: If you're on a laptop using an NVidia graphics card with Optimus technology, DO NOT USE ENB! It prevents the dedicated graphics card from functioning due to driver bugs and will force the game to use integrated graphics.

NOTE: ENB will dramatically decrease performance (depending on settings). Sometimes a little bit of faint bloom or blur an help, but the performance hit isn't really worth it. If you're good enough, you can tale great screen even without ENB.

4) Use the normal 2.2.1. reflections or some other custom reflections. They're much better than the LE ones.

5) If you are using 2.3.0. LE turn of the ESL Shader from Main Menu > Options > Video Options.

Using these steps you can take some nice screenshots ;b
Here are some of mine.

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what car mod is at the end of the photos?
I'm talking about the red firebird


22. TheGuyNeedHelp

2015-06-27 08:13

If my laptop can't handle ENB what shall I use?

21. Zeprarex

2015-01-04 08:29

OMG I love that pic of the Pontiac GTO

20. tomaukz

2014-07-11 09:10

everytime i position my car and try to take a screenshot i spam the key, and i usually only get 2 screenshots none of which are when i wanted to take them


19. adam2402

2014-01-14 08:09

Can some1 help me ????


18. adam2402

2014-01-13 12:29

I've done everything I need but a picture like this : WHY ???

17. Gustav3119

2013-08-15 12:21

They are located in C:\Program Files (x86)\Activision Value\Street Legal Racing\screenshots

Easily said. In screenshots folder in you slrr installation



2013-02-24 07:09

after u take the screen,where are they located?

15. paulrox2k11

2012-08-14 15:31

doesnt work for me

14. Richie11

2010-07-05 13:52

where did you get the S2000?


2009-12-29 12:49

After you take the screens,where are they located?

12. JAG

2009-06-08 00:09

I have a 9600GT.

I have a 9600GT too. Mine is a...uh...um...PNY, I think. It's a 512mb card. That much I remember, lol.

Anyway, nice tut! I'll put it to good use!

11. GT6tube

2009-06-06 14:21

nice drifter yeah me same 9600GSO ! LOL

10. Grudas

2009-06-06 13:52

ahh ok :) u can see some of my screens :) only thing i done is turn the motion blur off :) i have 8800gt overclocked to GTS speeds btw :)

9. Davidov

2009-06-06 13:42

I have a 9600GT.

@Bliksniukas - You can turn off motion blur. Open enbseries.ini and set MotionBlur=0


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